ECommerce: Questions with Answers

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E-procurement is electronic acquisition of goods and services for organizations. Its goals are to purchase In lower prices, improve flow process, enameled maverick buying, faster purchase, and Increased productivity. . Discuss the role of intermediaries in BIB. Distinguish between buy-side and sell-side intermediaries. The role of intermediaries in BIB is to ensure buy and sell side conditional are coincide. Buy-side intermediaries involve one buyer to many sellers while sell-side intermediaries involve one seller to many buyers. 5. List the major e-supply chain management Infrastructures and enabling tools. Answer: Major e-supply chain management Infrastructures and enabling tools are DE', extranets, intranets, corporate portals, workflow systems, groupware, and Identification and tracking tools. . What are some of the major limitations of RIFF genealogy? Answer: Major limitations of RIFF technology are that cost of implementation, restriction of environments, accuracy, privacy, and no unladed standards. 7. Define c-commerce. The use of digital technologies that enable companies to collaboratively plan, design, develop, manage, and research products, services, and innovative SEC applications. 10, 259 8. Define collaborative networks and distinguish them from traditional supply chain collaboration.

Answer: The collaborative network allows partners at any point in the network to interact with ACH other directly, bypassing traditional partners. Interaction may occur among agents that act as aggregates, BIB exchanges, hubs, or logistics providers. 9. Define virtual teams, mass collaboration, and unified communication. Answer: Virtual team define as a group of employees using information and communications technologies to collaborate from different work bases. 274 Mass collaboration defines as a form of collective action that occurs when large numbers of people work independently on a single project, often modular in its nature.

Wisped, 2011. Mass Collaboration. [online] Available at: < http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Mass_collaboration > [Accessed 10 Gag 2011]. Unified communication defines as simplification of all forms of communication in the enterprise. 248 10. It is said that c-commerce signifies a move from a transaction focus to a relationship focus among supply chain members. Discuss. Answer: Since c-commerce increase communications and information flow, this tends to be more relationship focus among supply chain members than transaction focus.

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Part 2 Internet Exercise [2 %] 1 1 . Enter sap. Com and BEA. Mom, and find the key capabilities of their enterprise portals. List the benefits of using five of the capabilities of portals. Answer: Oracle enterprise portals offer easy integration, can customize for different business, improve communication without geographical limit, sharing information, and social computing service. SAP. Com offer single point access of information, collaboration and communication, increases people productivity, and provide managed content in the context of business applications.

The benefits to those key capacities of portals are improve communication, enable elaboration within, increases productivity, improve sharing of information, and no geographical limit. 12. Enter lotus. Com and find their collaboration-support products. How do these products support groups? Answer: Messaging & collaboration Integrated collaborative environment including e-mail, calendaring and ability to extend with applications and collaboration tools. Social communications Integrated real-time collaboration services including presence, chat, voice, data, video, meetings and telephony.

Online collaboration services Working together Just got easier with integrated social networking and online collaboration services from Lotuses. Social software Business collaboration and networking capabilities including dynamic profiles, wise, blobs, shared files, team spaces, and communities. Portals and mishaps Cohesive foundation to deliver exceptional user experiences enabling users personalized and compelling interactions with information, applications and people. Mobile collaboration and wireless Collaborate anywhere from your Apple, Monika, RIM or Windows Mobile device

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