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Business Organisations – set questions and answers

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The main job of land buying department is to buy and develop that land, into an attractive location. Land buying involves buying a land and taking care of it so that it can be sold to the public. This way you're able of making a profit on the land you bought for 2 or 3 thousand pounds cheaper. Land can also be rented out rather than being sold, so that the property/land can still be under the owners name as he/she receives the rent from the person living there. This would make him/her be the land lord.

Laing use the idea of renting out their homes One of the most important decisions affecting Laing Homes organisation success is the location of land. Businesses need to decide on the best location within a particular town or area. Whatever the type of business, the aim will be to locate in an area where the benefits and costs is maximised. This way the business is able to do well with the customer left happy. The land bought would not be any type of land; it would have to fit the character of the customer.

Some people might like old houses or have theirs specially made to fit the type of person they are, which Laing homes offer to their customers. The biggest problems which Laing homes may face is the healthy and safety of their customers that are interested in buying a house. If they were put in a bad environment it would make Laing home seem like a bad company and this would be shown on their amount of loss each year and that would make their shareholders unhappy. Land buying is the first stage of the cycle and need to keep talking to all departments.

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Nobody can start work until they do. Land buying has to talk to every department in Laing, and these include development, commercial, construction, sales etc... These departments are contacted in different ways and the most popular methods are phone, fax, email and seeing the person. They have to keep in contact with each department as often as they can so they know what's going on with their plans and wether any thing has changed. With some departments they only keep in contact once every week or once a fortnight which shows how busy they are during the week.

The land buying has to keep in touch with the owner of the land and also central services so they know what's going on. This is so they can begin the first stage of the cycle by getting the houses ready for the buyer and so nothing can happen until they get their work done. They normally discus about the job taking place either on site or in the office. This shows how committed Laing homes are to their customers. The development department are in charge of a lot of things which involve getting permission from the council so that the house can be built legally on a plot of land which has been approved of.

The house would have to be designed to suit the satisfaction of the customers buying the place. This would be done by an architect, who has been hired to do the inside and outside of the house so that it looks attractive for the new owners. They are being told what to do by the customers wanting to buy the house, so that the house is done a specific way. The customers can only spend a certain amount on the project so they have to make sure everything is done a certain way and that they don't over spend.

After this details of the house are then being finalised to make sure all goes well to get the house finished for the new owners to move in. This would be the amount of rooms in the house, the size, and parking space if they wanted one etc... When all this is done and the owners have moved in they are then sent a questionnaire to see wether they liked their new house/flat. This would help Laing homes know were to improve next time and how to do it, so the customer can be left leaving in a happy home.

The development department then pass the house to the commercial department. The development department are important because they are the group that design the building to the way the customer wants it. If the development department never existed the planning of the house would not be able to be built to a high standard because they would have problems with the court for legally building that house or flat. This would mean there would be no actual design for the houses being built and the customer would never know how the house would look like until it has been finished.

Things like this would upset customers as a hole and would make the company look bad and make them not seem as a professional company in which they are meant to be. This would lead to shareholders being unhappy and probably wanting to sell their shares because they wouldn't be making much of a profit with such an unprofessional company. Before the house can be touched internally and externally the company Laing homes need to get permission from the council to make sure they can legally build that house or flat for the customer wanting it.

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