Mecca Bingo Advertisement Analysis

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My idea is we are aiming at early twenty's, late teens. We are trying to give the impression of a "girls night out", but instead of going to nightclubs they are going to bingo. I think it should be aimed more at young women, a good, fun, lively night out with the girls after a dull day in the office. They should be dressed in bright, modern and fashionable clothes. We will get the focus on to young women by having ordinary girls as the characters with no celebrity endorsement. The girls should be young pretty and lively.

The shots I will use are a close up on the girls, a panoramic shot of the city, I have chosen these shots put the idea across that it's the "now" thing to be doing. In the panoramic shot it will start of as day in a big, busy city, and then fast forward to night. Then it pans down on to a taxi, and then inside the taxi. The taxi driver asks the young girl sat in back "Nervous" and she replies "No, excited". Then we go on to a close up of the Mecca Bingo sign, it's big, bright and has stars on it. Now on to a close of a microphone being switched on and someone about to speak, (implying entertainment).

The bingo hall is empty except for a few and then it is fast-forwarded and it becomes bu8sy, bustling there's lots of noise of people talking and enjoying themselves. Then the camera picks out four girls and zooms in on to them. Then a voice says, "meet the girls"and in turn gives them their characters. The first girl is called Tina her nickname is coloado. She likes the high life. Tina coloda-Pina coloado play on words. Taste for the high life is also play on words, a Pina coloado is a posh, sophicated drink.

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"Sam, sees all knows all" her nickname is radar. She's the gossiper of the group. "Carol born lucky" her nickname is four leaf. Always gets what she wants. The voice belongs to the young girl from the cab. "Then there's me, Michelle, the virgin in a bingo sense, this is my first time, any advice to a bingo virgin". When she says this the screens only got her head next to the word virgin in big on a pinkish, purple background. She's wearing a necklace that says virgin on it. Whilst she is speaking there is a lively background everyone Is laughing and joking.

When they are leaving they are all in a line and are laughing and talking all at once. Then Michelle's voice says "What a night! Don't get your knickers in a twist, you'll only walk funny". It moves from shot to shot quickly to give the impression of being lively, and there is one long shot to give the impression of a young girl going out with her friends. The phrases in my advert are "This is my first time," what a night," "Any advice to a bingo virgin," "Don't get your knickers in a twist, you'll only walk funny".

I have chosen these phrases because it grabs your attention and makes you wonder first time at what and it adds a bit of humour. There are no slogans in this advert because everyone has a slogan to try and get people to remember their product but this will stand out because it does not follow the crowd and have a slogan. The technique I have decided to use is humour the girls are all bubbly, outgoing, and always smiling and laughing. I have decided against celebrity endorsement because I want to give the impression of it being a normal girl's night out.

There is music playing in the background almost all the time to make you listen and not just look and the music suits the speed of the advert fast, lively and jazzy and young sort of music. There are also voices of all different people in the background not just young but old as well to show it can be fun for everyone. The company is only mentioned once or twice because it has a shot of the Mecca Bingo sign, and they are at bingo, you don't want to mention it to many times or the viewer would just change channel.

The sign for Mecca Bingo comes up so you know what Is being advertised and the word virgin comes up on the screen, because she's a bingo virgin and her first time is supposed to be fun and exciting. This advert can be part of a bigger campaign because the story can be easily continued. For example two of the characters are waiting for the rest to arrive and are talking about a bloke at the bar, one of them likes him and so on. The continuation could be aimed a bit more at men as well as women. This advert would be shown before Emmerdale or Coronation Street because this is the programme most young women watch.

These also have high ratings and are on just after the news. It wouldn't be played during the day because most people will be at work. The colour in this advert is very important it has a very big influence on the over all effect the advert has. If I had used browns and greys it would seem very boring and dull advert. I choose bright colours to help it seem lively, fun and a good thing to do in your spare time, to help it give the feeling that you want to do that. The technical details I have employed are panoramic shot, panning, close ups and long shots.

I choose these because it gives the impression it's a modern young approach. I decided to use a variety of shots because it gives it a fast lively point of view, it was a contrasting point of view to the usual image we get when we hear or think of bingo. The advertisement suggests bingo is a fun, lively thing to do. We are supposed to want to go and play bingo after we have watched the advert. I think this will be effective because it is fast, lively, attention grabbing and appealing to the audience. Thank you for taking the time to read about my idea.

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