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Advertisement Analysis on Car Ads for Prius and Chevy

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Advertising has always been the way to get the word out about your product. Every major manufacturer of soda to cars has used advertising to get their products noticed. Ads have always been visually appealing and attractive. Despite these two ads coming from different manufacturers, they both are targeted to car buying audiences.

Compared to each other, the Prius is targeted to a more Eco- friendly audience. The bright sky, clean ocean, and thriving plants go to show the car's job of protecting the environment with large amounts of miles per gallon. The Prius ad takes a cartoony them to it with all the animals gathering around to see the car. The animals help add to the Eco-friendly aspect that the ad is trying to get across. The Prius ad has no manufacturer stamp on it anywhere except for the car. This shows that it is for the bigger picture rather than the name Toyota; the ad tries to make the picture about the Prius and only the Prius.

The Chevy truck ad takes a very different approach in the ad compared to the Prius. Chevy is not trying to convey an Eco-friendly message in their ad. Chevy is trying to convey the message that their vehicle is meant for the working class. The trailer that is being pulled by the truck shows that the truck is for people trying to get the job done. Chevy even mentions the diesel power to emphasize the fact that it's going to do work and not struggle with any load you will throw at it. Rather than a cartoony scene, Chevy puts their truck in the rural area towards the evening time when the sun is setting. Once again, the sunset makes for the working truck idea and after a long day of work it is leaving with the hay. The Chevy ad uses a very natural look for their ad. Unlike the Prius ad, Chevy has their logo stamped in the far right corner to reinsure that you know you are getting power and a truck for a workingman.

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Both ads have a very colorful scene as the background. Vibrant colors are used in both to be visually appealing. They both take the car that they are advertising and put it in to an ideal scene of which they believe the buyer will use the car. Both manufacturers put the cars in a scene where the earth is the main theme. With the truck we see it driving through cornfields while pulling a trailer. In the ad for the Prius the car is put near the seaside and has some large green mountains in the background.

Advertising is and always will be the large part of how companies and manufacturers will entice consumers to buy their products. With a look at two ads, it is really easy to see how two companies can target two different audiences with two different approaches. Despite these ads being from two different manufacturers, the are both targeted to car buying audiences.

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