Venus Embrace Razor Advertisement Analysis

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Venus Embrace Razor Advertisement Analysis
Regardless of culture, young women and teenagers everywhere constantly want to maintain their looks and keep their body in shape, looking healthy & sanitary. An example of this is shaving unwanted hair to keep the body looking sleek and fierce. Teen Vogue features an advertisement for “Venus Embrace”, a razor that leaves the skin smooth, moist, and cleansed while allowing young women to confidently show off their body. This advertisement was found in Teen Vogue, a magazine that you will most likely witness a young girl of any race, ages 14-20 reading. The magazine economically targets a well off to rich, wealthy upper class audience due to the many advertisements for designer brands like “Topshop” and “Marc Jacobs”. Teen vogue consists of several techniques to keep girls safe, aware, healthy, and beautiful. This is done by providing beauty samples, articles on dangerous situations, features of a new celebrity on the cover each month, and suggested makeup products/tutorials. In this particular issue from October 2013, the cover shows new young Hollywood star Hailey Steinfeld- someone who is familiar with this age group. The cover also gives details on fall fashion tips-relating the season with its content of fashion and beauty.

The advertisement itself blends with the rest of the magazine and shows a gleeful, diverse, group of girls embracing their skin. The girls in the ad could be anywhere from late teens to young adults which is the group primarily shown for using a razor blade. The targeted response is for the reader to crave wanting to relate to one of the models so they too can feel confident. The heading of the ad states “A shave as close as your friends” displaying three young girls having a memorable time while sticking out their legs. This aims to emphasize that you can feel comfortable in your skin around your friends. Also, the statement “Your legs have a new best friend” explains how using this product will enable you to build confidence to show off your body around others, and to develop a “close relationship” with your skin. Another aspect of purpose is the actual razor blade giving an “Unbelievably close shave with one easy stroke”. The use of close in the paragraph ties in to the heading making the point the razor blade leaves a smooth feeling and is reliable to remove unwanted hair.

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The warrant is the reader should be familiar with keeping up with body image and be a regular user of beauty/skin products to demonstrate a clean body image. Also, that the reader enjoys hanging out with friends and possibly even go to the beach/water-due to the swim attire the models are wearing. Another assumption could be that the reader is dissatisfied with their current razor and is looking for a more precise, clean edged one…one as described to be smooth and moisturizing. The ad has a very keen sense of appeals. Logos is expressed through the catchy statistic “8 out of 10 legs agree” this statistic gives the product a higher, more trustworthy, outlook. Ethos is present because of the value of beauty upon young women and girls that is constantly found in popular culture today, wanting to look a certain way…similar to the models in the ad. Emotions are evoked in pathos with the supposed guarantee of a working product that will leave a smooth shave filled with moisture. This boosts the audience’s confidence and their decision to buy the product. The text is an important factor because of the word play comparing a close shave of legs to a close group of girls.

The specific characteristics of the razor make the product sound more reassuring. The phrase “Gliding ribbon of moisture” uses diction to create a more desirable appeal. The word choice gives off the attitude that the product is simple yet effective. The word choice is relatable to the value of comfort from the all-around description of smoothness. The tone of the image can be described as jovial due to the models smiling faces and body language. Imagine if the girls were not holding onto each other and giving a cheery look that would contradict the information and the message of having a close shave like a close friendship. The jovial tone has an effect on the exterior outlook of the ad, but it also affects the actual context of the ad. Overall the ad had a clear message with a flowing message. This ad seems very effective for persuading people to buy the product. However, the setting of the ad seems more affiliated with summer and considering the magazine’s approach is to transition into fall schemes this ad does not fit in regards to that. The ad could have been stronger if it was used in summer, not fall. This ad being placed in a teen magazine appeals to the correct target audience perfectly as a young women can relate to wanting to feel confident and beautiful. The appeals are also accurately used; especially pathos evoking young women’s desires/feelings. Though as a whole, the ad represents more than just Venus embrace-a quality razor for women…it represents Venus embrace a razor that your skin and self can as claimed, have a close connection with.

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