Corporate Aims And Objectives Of Tesco

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An aim is something a business would like to achieve. A business may only have one aim but others may have more than one. In the private sector a business will aim to make a profit. Where as in the public sector a business would aim to make a profit where possible and also aim to meet strict expenditure targets. No matter what sector a business is in they always aim to provide a product or service to either their local community or to the wider community. If a business is having a hard time making profit they may simply aim to survive. If a business is doing well they may aim to expand their business.

Frequently businesses aim to maximise their sales. This simply means selling as much as possible. Some businesses aim to have a very competitive service, so more people will use their service than their competitors. Now a high percentage of businesses aim to make their business as environmentally friendly as possible. Most businesses try to have as little aims as possible as it is easier to keep them on track because they can target their efforts more efficiently.

What is an Objective

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Objectives are goals that a firm sets itself for the next three or five years. They have a timescale, they must be measurable and they must contribute to the business achieving its aims. Tesco Tesco is in the 'Private Sector' and provide goods and services. They have many aims and objectives that they wish to achieve. However, to achieve these aims and objectives, every person involved with Tesco must work unanimously for the benefit of the organisation. As previously, Tesco is in the Private Sector and is a 'Private Limited Company' (Ltd). For this reason, Tesco is driven to make a huge amount of profit.

They are constantly looking for new ways and opportunities to boost their sales, increase their share of the market and ultimately, upsurge their annual yearly profits. Tesco is the UK's most successful and biggest retailer. There are countless reasons as to how Tesco became so big and popular; however, one significant reason for its unrivalled success is because Tesco decided to diversify into non-food items and start offering their customers with products and services unrelated to food or drinks such as car insurance and electrical goods etc.

Nonetheless, Tesco do not wish to stop here; they are continually searching for other areas to diversify into. Another major reason for Tesco's success is because of they way they treat their customers and how they take care of each and every one of their customers. Over the years, the vast majority of customers have been satisfied with the organisation and this is a key factor to gaining customer loyalty.

Tesco always want what is best for their customers and they constantly try to improve the level of quality of their products and services for their customers in return for customer satisfaction. Tesco is aware of the dangers it poses against the environment and this why they always try to lessen their amount of pollution and waste they give out and always try to be energy efficient by carrying out minor things such as reducing air conditioning in data centres which can make a massive difference overall.

The fact that the organisation already controls more than 30% of the grocery market does not gratify them enough and they crave to build up their market share. All of these aims that Tesco wish to achieve will ultimately help them remain as the grocery leader in the private sector as they are reliant on profits to satisfy their shareholders and remain in business. Cancer Research UK As we are already aware, Cancer Research UK is a leading UK-based charity which contrasts with Tesco because this organisation is driven not by profits but by the ambition of abolishing cancer.

For this reason, this is why there is no mention of profits in its aims and objectives. Cancer Research UK's success as the world's leading charity arose mainly from the outstanding and world-class research they perform and carry out each day. They have maintained this status for many years now and this is simply because of the stupendous and remarkable help and support both financially and medically that this charity has done to cancer patients throughout the world.

It is this outstanding and positive image that ensures that they receive more donations to carry on with their excellent work. Without all of the donations they receive, the charity would not even exist. Cancer Research UK continually looks to find new treatments and develop new medicines that can hopefully one day, prevent, treat and cure cancer sufferers and this is why one of their main aims for the future is to cure patients and get rid of cancer once and for all.

Improving the lives of cancer sufferers has always been at the heart of Cancer Research UK. While there have been no major discoveries of any treatments or cures for patients yet, improving the lives of patients by helping them to lead a simple and hassle-free life is a main goal the charity wants to achieve. Cancer Research UK does not only want to help and assist patients in the UK, they also want to give a helping hand and their support to cancer patients all around the world.

This is another reason for their great success and recognition as they do not want to witness cancer dominating the poorer countries of the world because they are a non-developed country. Cancer Research UK will do what ever it takes to extinguish cancer and will carry on its research and understanding until this world is free from such a dreadful disease that has claimed the lives of millions of people worldwide and for this reason, this is why continuing the fight against cancer is one of their aims.

All the aims and goals of Cancer Research UK are geared towards caring and curing the many people affected by cancer which fits perfectly in the voluntary/not for profit sector of the economy. This charity as with other charities attracts many volunteers who are prepared to give their time freely, to achieve these aims and help this organisation.

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Why Is Tesco In The Private Sector?
Tesco is in the private sector because it is a profit-making company that is owned by private shareholders, who expect a return on their investment. This means that Tesco operates in a competitive market and must generate profits to remain viable.
Is Tesco A Private Limited Company?
Yes, Tesco is a private limited company. It is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, with its shares not publicly traded on the stock exchange.

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