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Successful businesses know exactly what they want to do and how they want to do it, this means that they have aims and objectives. A business' aims are a list of things that they want to achieve. For example this list could include making a profit, expanding or being environmentally friendly. Objectives are the targets that the business will set itself to make progress to achieve their aims. For instance if an aim of a business is to make a profit then an objective may be to sell more than competitors, increase sales or to improve a product.

Manchester Airport's main aims are to make a profit, to survive and to maintain the position in the competitive market. To do this the company takes part in activities such as renting out areas on site for retail, office accommodation, catering and hotel companies. Manchester airport has bought shares in other airports such as Bournemouth, Humberside and five leading Australian airports and is aiming to buy Blackpool airport. The charge for the use of the runways also helps to make a profit.

Manchester airport is currently developing The Ground Transport Interchange this will enable the public to arrive by public transport and check in efficiently and quickly. The company sets up educational tours and packages for schools. The World Freight Terminal handles over 115,000 tonnes of freight each year, using dedicated freighters and scheduled/charter airlines for imported/exported goods; this means more charges for more flights. An aim of any business is to expand in this case Manchester airport aims to become the best airport in the world, to increase passenger numbers up to 40 million by the year 2015 and to increase destinations.

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By buying shares in nine other airports over the UK show proof of expanding the business. Manchester airport currently hosts 91 airlines such as JMC and flights are chartered to 175 destinations Manchester airport want to increase the number of destinations. The plans to build the ground transport interchange show physical expansion. Manchester airport wants to be seen in the public eye as an economically friendly company so to minimise environmental impact noise and pollution is kept to a minimum, also exercises take place to keep birds out of the area around the runways so they do not end their lives in the aeroplane engines.

High standards of service to all customers are always maintained, this means making the airport services and goods are value for money, keeping the services efficient and maintaining high quality. Manchester airport is always trying to improve access to the airport; the forthcoming development of the ground transport interchange will help to achieve this. This will also help the airport to become part of the regions sustainable transport system and to increase the percentage of people who travel there to go by public transport from 20% to 25%.

McDonald's Restaurants Limited have similar aims to any other business; to expand, maximise profits and have 100% customer satisfaction. McDonalds is a franchise so in order to expand the business they need to add restaurants but they do not own them. To maximise sales and profits and sales at existing restaurants the franchisor will set aims for each branch or set offers and prices for the franchisee to follow. McDonalds have a mission statement which is; McDonald's vision is to be the UK's best quick service restaurant experience.

This includes the aim to have 100% customer satisfaction and 100% employee satisfaction. For 100 per cent customer satisfaction in McDonald's they promote healthy lifestyles, animal welfare and they are environmentally friendly. Manchester Airport and McDonald's have the same basic aims as all businesses; to improve the business, by making a profit, expanding, customer satisfaction or improving the quality of their service/product. However their objectives differ, this is because they are different types or businesses.

Manchester Airport is a public limited company, it is owned by a group of councils. Manchester Airports customers are not the people who go on holiday from the airport but the companies who deal with them such as the shops which pay rent or the airline companies who use the runways and storage for the planes. McDonald's is a franchise which means that other business are allowed to copy the successful methods and organisation of McDonald's. The customers at McDonald's are the public who buy their food. Manchester Airport sells a service where McDonald's sell goods.

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