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Business Purposes Meetiing Aims and Objectives

The BBC is continuing its focus on delivering the best possible value for for licence fee payers. It means focusing on improving efficiency and generating maximum returns on their assets. By 2013 they will have delivered efficiency savings totalling nearly £2Billion meeting their 3% annual savings target.

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They are now two years into their five-year efficiency programme, and by 2013 the work they already done will generate efficiency savings of £1,453million, which is the equivalent to 73% of their total savings target. They have succeeded in reducing the license fee evasion to just 5.2% of income a 0.1% improvement on last year.

BBC Worldwide has achieved a significant increase in profitability this year from £106million to £145million by growing its new business areas. This improved performance will benefit the BBC as they will put it into new and original programming.

Maximising the impact of the license fee

Maximising the returns they make on programmes paid for by the license fee. Their main commercial subsidiary, BBC Worldwide was created to generate the maximum return on programmes paid for the license fee payers. To achieve this they sell BBC programmes, formats and merchandise across the world.

Spreading the benefit of the license fee across the whole of the UK

The BBC is for all license fee payers across the whole Of the UK. They are committed to growing the whole country’s creative industries and production talent.

That is why one of the key metrics is the proportion of money they spend on the network televisions outside of London. Keeping costs down where ever possible. They Have made an increase in Scotland, Northern Island and Wales. According to an independent study impact of the BBC as helped create and support over 7,000 jobs in Glasgow, Cardiff and Bristol.

They also offer a pension scheme to all their employee’s at a rate that is reasonable and affordable to all those who work for them. So all in all the BBC are meeting both their aims and objectives according to my research. They make a profit as well as help support the public and bring the nation together with its music stations and televised programmes. They have to work within their budget given to them by the government and if they underspend then they have to give it back. Their turnover is relatively healthy and they do continue to make a profit each year which is good for all of us in the long run.

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