Aims and objectives of Tescos and Leeds City College

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What is an aim?

An aim is when you plan to do something, or plan a goal in the future.

What is objective?

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An objective is how you are going to get there and who will do what when and how, so how you’re going to achieve your aim.

A mission statement sets out the business vision and values that enables employees, managers, customers and even suppliers to understand the underlying basis for the actions of the business

Tesco’s aims and objectives;

Here are some ideas why Tesco set aims and objectives.


break even


profit maximisation

service provision

expansion of market share

relationship with other businesses

Survival- Survival is continuing to be in business, even cope in hard times like when the recession takes place. All businesses need to survive first, in order to make profits.

Growth means to expand the business. Tesco becomes bigger. 'Bigger' may mean several things such as a larger share, a greater amount of capital employed, more employees and a greater turnover and profits.

Profit is probably the most common and the most important objective. Tesco cannot survive for long unless it covers all of its costs.

In order for Tesco to achieve these aims their objectives should be SMART (specific measurable, relevant and time) Aims and objectives there is no meaning to business, it's the aims and objectives that give meaning to subsequent activates of planning, directing, staffing, organising and controlling.

Tesco has long-term goals which are used by businesses to provide a direction setting for objectives. This is normally expressed within the mission statement of a business in which this allows a number of objectives to be set.

Tesco's objectives are to increase sales, increase market share, to maximise sales, to grow and maintain the number one retail company in the UK, and Tesco wants to do better than their competitors and remain the market leader. Tesco’s objectives are very straight forward, and straight to the point, in this case you can tell Tesco is all about business, and keeping their profits high.

Objectives can change over time. For example if Tesco have got a product they are going to sell, and there competitors are selling it cheaper, they would have to change their objectives because there main focus would be to make enough and survive as a business.

Leeds City College

Aims and Objectives:

Our Mission:

To be recognised as an exceptional College providing life changing skills and experiences for individuals, businesses and communities. This helps the staff to have a full understanding and what is expected from them throughout the year.

Leeds City College Values:

Respect-Demonstrating exemplary behaviour and respect towards people and property.

Being supportive- Providing an environment that is safe, healthy, friendly and welcoming, it is important the college do this, because they want their students safe, and have a good reputation for the college.

Enterprise-Forward looking and innovative in our approach to all College activities

Commitment-Being the best we can be (students, staff, governors) with loyalty and pride

Our Strategic Aims

To relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do, this shows Leeds City College is willing to put 100% in everything they do and provide the best for the students.

To provide high quality curriculum opportunities of a wide range and level, they want to offer their students a mixture of courses which suits them.

To develop and provide an inclusive supportive culture that is safe, effective, friendly and stimulating.

To provide a high quality, inspiring and sustainable learning environment whilst maintaining the long term vision of redeveloping the College estate.

To review, confirm and develop effective external partnerships.

To attract, develop and retain a highly qualified, skilled and professional workforce who will work collectively to deliver our priorities and outstanding teaching and learning.

To ensure the financial health and solvency of the College, enabling investment in the Mission through effective utilisation of resources.

Aims and objectives have several benefits.

To help teachers design the course - the content, the methods, and the assessment;

to communicate the educational intent of the course to students and to colleagues;

to help identify the resources needed to undertake the teaching

Leeds City College have many strategic aims, but this will help them as a college because most of them aims are to provide the best education possible. By having set aims, and providing the information to the staff, parents and students, they could increase their growth within the college. Leeds City College don’t really have aims to make profit, or survival strategies as they are funded by the government. Read about W aitrose aims and objectives

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