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I am a Turkish, male, 20 yr-old junior student currently studying here in Pace University, and I am interest to apply for admission in your Pforzheimer Honors College to belong in the honor students’ society. I am a very hardworking person and very persistent in pursuit of my goals in life. I make sure that my present activities are in line with my short and long-term goals.

I love learning something new everyday. I never considered myself a quitter because I love challenges that is why I give my best and quality performance in everything I do. Challenges for me are opportunities for developing one’s character and values in spite of distress and I consider this as part of human life.

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In believing so, I exert my full effort and study hard  because I value the education that my parents provide me; also, I struggle to meet my short term goal of being a successful graduate for I believe that my present attitude towards my studies will shape me and hone me as a responsible, diligent, and industrious person.

In developing and honing this character and personality, I believe I would be able to direct my future career and I would use this positive outlook of success in my life for the attainment of my long term goals.

I should say that I am confident enough having the adequate skills, talents, and knowledge that is required for me to pursue the Pforzheimer Honors College degree in your prestigious university. I could attest such remark with the comments that my previous professors gave me here in Pace during my freshmen up to the present, and even my grades during my past high school and elementary education.

Way back in Instanbul, Turkey, I studied my elementary education at Etiler High School and I received a special honor award during my 9th grade. My instructors consistently gave me a positive feedback regarding my commendable academic performance and extra-curricular skills in theatre club.

Pursuing my high school, I transferred to Long Island University (LIU) and due to my dedication and perseverance in studying, I was rewarded with a GPA grade of 3.6 during the previous fall semester before I decided to pursue my dream school—Pace University. Being presently happy in studying here, I am looking forward to experience more growth and personal development here in Pace. I studied very well and strived to get a high GPA grade of 3.74; this increases my chance of being qualified for your program.

Transferring from LIU to Pace University, I saw the major difference and made me more motivated to pursue my education in Pace. I am very happy to belong in this school community. This chance of being accepted in Honors College will really bring me one step closer to the opportunity of reaching my dreams.

I am so inspired to share my knowledge even in the smallest possible way I can at my young age. I know that I have the quality in me that could bring about change even in my own simple ways and make a difference in the society.

I believe that youth is the hope for advancement of any society and even though United States is very popular with regards to all areas of advancements in the whole world, I would like to play a part and contribute my knowledge for my society to have and live a life fully with meaning and serve a purpose in this world.

I have always been inspired by my mother’s motivation in my studies. I always value her support which gives me more reason to strive hard to aim high and hit the mark. My mother played a very essential role with influencing me to do my best in studying. She always wanted me to have the best and quality education that I could ever have and I see it here—my future, in Pace.

I would never let my mom down and I want her to be proud of me. I am hoping that Long Pace University could help me fully actualize or utilize my potentials for the purpose of serving my society and even the whole country and other countries at large, in the future. From my past academic and non-academic experience, I was honed as an individual with integral human values which allowed me to become more God-centered and inspired and deeply involved and interested with my studies, friends and other social networks, and other extra curricular activities.

I should say that from those experiences, I have grown up to become a complete mature person who is ready to face the real challenges of life and face them with such fortitude and temperance. As a future honor college student of Pace University, I will play an active stance in participating with the school activities that aims to increase the students’ involvement with the school, social interest, and education.

I will apply my knowledge and share what I know with my fellow students by writing or joining the student’s organization or campus newspaper. I will share my ideals, opinions, and viewpoints with the current issues or any relevant topic that I find significant and useful for influencing or persuading my fellow students to make use of their creative minds and speak out their ideas as well. In this way, I could help make a difference and I could inspire others to read more and value their education and utilize it the same as I am enjoying and using mine.

In the near future, I plan to even take further studies if ever I get accepted in this course. I will refresh all the knowledge that I have learned by taking the exams necessary for my certifications and license so that I may teach a professor if this is God’s will for me. If Pace University could support me to fulfill my dreams, I also plan to devote myself into teaching profession and serve the school even for two years or more.

In order to make these all possible, I will try my best to succeed by maintaining my high grades and GPA. I see myself and my bright future at Pace University and I am really hoping to be given this once in a lifetime opportunity which would change my life and change the lives of my family, and others whom I am very willing to help. I will continue my positive attitude of persistence and hard work in my studies to help me achieve my objectives and aspirations.

From all the detailed experience and interest I have related, I am really hoping to be given the chance to achieve my pursuit of taking college here at Pace University.

If given the chance, I would very much appreciate if you would allow me to enroll in your Honors College program. Rest assured, I assure you that I will serve as an asset to your organization or school and I will perform my obligations as a productive and dynamic student.


Pace University. (2008). An invitation to all Pace undergraduate students.

            Retrieved October 6, 2008, from


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