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I have been raised to believe that a tertiary education is not merely a way to assure that one is able to get a decent job later in life. My father, Mark Shook, told me once that aside from the stability a degree could offer in the future; we should desire to learn for knowledge sake. I believe that the Michigan State University shares such ideals.

Your prestigious academe renders an education that aims to produce not only skilled graduates but individuals who are able to emerge themselves in diversity, guided by values and an open mind.

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MSU life would be grand, as I write this essay hoping for your favorable response, I imagine myself sharing the life I have come to know in Grosse Pointe but at the same time becoming a sponge learner to my educators and my peers. Our family is by community standards not as affluent as the majority that resides in the area. Nonetheless I have learned to deal with different kinds of individuals, forging friendships and socializing through my part-time job.

My highly localized perspective would, in my opinion, find a place within MSU cultural discourse. Yes, to be honest it may not as exciting as the different lives and input others may give me and this I would be honest about. However, as of the moment a part of me is a canvas, from which others would be more than welcome to paint their own stories. My mind is raw with ideas and questions beyond what I have come to know, and this is part of what I am hoping that MSU would accept and find as a worthy contribution.

I am not culturally exposed in the most sophisticated sense of the word; I had hoped and still hoping that I would be able to have the chance now. I have a piece of my life that I could share with your academic community. I could tell you all what it is like to be a Grosse Point girl. I could guarantee that even though we are considerably a small city and my family the average sort; I have taken every opportunity there is to culturally connect with others. I love music; there are no words to describe how influential it has been in my life.

It has allowed me my own personal space when in doubt of what life offers but more importantly it gave me the chance to appreciate the cultures of other people other than the one I have become accustomed with. I am hoping that I would, if you give me the chance, become a link of a culturally diverse chain that composes your academe. As part of my job, I mingle with customers; initially I saw this as merely part of my job description however later on it has become an important part of my day.

Each person that enters the doors of the shop I work in has something to share. Those who talk had taught me to be a good listener, and a good absorber of thoughts. At sixteen, a lot of strangers have touched my life. Those who come in and tell me bits of their stories would often allow me a glimpse of where they are coming from. More importantly I am able to be an instrument for them to express their lives, to take pride in their experiences, or to rant of how at times life for them is difficult.

There are those who come to buy their orders and leave, there are those who enter frowning and you know that a smile or two could really let them lighten up. It sometimes amazes me when average people are able to teach in fifteen minutes of you serving them; the pangs of existing in the status quo. I literally cut through borders, a listener but also one who knows when to speak up and share her thoughts. In as much as I may be able a student waiting to be a collage of cultural identities; I also bring to the table my humble share of experiences.

At times there is no point in trying to portray the grandiose of lives; what matters is how true the person is. I have asked some of my peers of how they had answered their own admission essays; and some of them have opted to butter things up. I however, despite possible comments am satisfied with telling MSU who I am, what I can become through the said academe. I am a fresh mind, where hues are waiting to be fused, I welcome diversity as part of my holistic development as a person, and hopefully others share the same optimism.

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