A City University of New York Student Seeking Admission to New York University

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"It is not enough to fight. It is the spirit which we bring to the fight that decides the issue. It is morale that wins the victory." For me, these words from George C. Marshall describe my approach to life, and as a child, I dreamed of working for the US Department of State or Federal Government in order to safeguard and further the interests of the country. As a result, I have pursued this career with the belief that it will allow me to see it through to its ultimate goal. Being a volunteer has been my motivation, and there is no greater platform than serving a country.

New York City, despite being inspired as the "Capital City of the World", the New York campus of NYU is the place where I would like to complete my studies, for one reason only: Around this place you are yourself and don't need to pretend as someone else. In other words, everybody makes you feel welcomed. Hence, the chance to transfer and complete my undergraduate degree represents the fulfillment of a long-lasting dream for me. I looking forward to continue to study and grow within the advanced wisdom and experienced professors while extending my visions and improve my communications skills. I believe that the purpose of studying political science is to get a more in-depth vision into one of the major powers that rule the corporations and the public in general.

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Therefore, I have a strong desire to be of service, to be engaged in political world for the rest of my life, and completing my degree at NYU will provide me with vital tools to help bring that dream to fulfilment. It is important for political science majors to keep oneself updated regarding the latest practices of the government. Widespread of international organization situated throughout New York City (e.g. United Nations to mention one), will be an addition to further my career opportunity. In the future, I would love to work for an International Organization that would allow me to reach out to various parts of the world. In order to join such an organization, I would need to have the necessary knowledge in various political and social issues.ab

NYU Campus located in the New York City, being one of the most exemplary - tourist attraction cities in the world, it’s just my view on the everyday surroundings, although, my motives for transferring are nearly completely academic. At CUNY College of Staten Island where I currently study political science as my major, with minor in economics, I have made many outstanding friends, and I have studied with a few marvelous professors, to not get the wrong impression. However, I do have one non-academic reason for being interested in NYU. As my transcript shows, I have performed well at CUNY College of Staten Island and I am convinced I can meet the academic challenges of NYU. I am certain that I would develop academically at NYU, and your program in political science perfectly suits my academic pursuits and professional goals.

Furthermore, because of my strong interest in programs that combines political science and economics. Department of Politics at NYU offers courses such as: International Politics e.g., which will also suit my diverse ethnic background, where I can apply my cultural diversity as well. I have lived in different parts of United States and South East Europe as well. Mostly, the Balkans. I am a daughter of a refugee parents that came to United States in 1999, because of the war between Republic of Serbia and Republic of Kosovo. They have worked hard to put me through schooling and all other additional academic courses, for me to become a successful women.

Combination between Michigan-New York-South East Europe-Balkans, would give me a knowledge of Education provides a gateway to deeper insight, a way of purifying and enlarging our views so that we can respond properly with greater efficiency. Following my education, it has given me the chance to study more about the world, as a way to better appreciate myself. I want a more interesting curriculum. I want to be bounded by determined students and applying for internships to get real-world experience for my major. For the abovementioned motives, I believe I will be a good fit for the NYU.

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