5 Tips on Designing Email Templates for Campaigns

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Last Updated: 25 May 2020
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Email marketing is just not a marketing platform, it is a platform also for the designers. We say this because over the past few years we have noticed how email marketing has evolved through its email templates. To improvise on the impact an email marketing campaign can have on its recipients, it is important to redesign email templates. So, it begins with a visual treat that an email campaign can give to a viewer's eyes. How can we go about it?

Well, you can add images that are industry-specific along with bright-colored headers. If you have specific categories of audiences, from different industry verticals, showing interest in the same product, then a cross-industry approach through dynamic content personalized for specific audiences will be effective. After using new templates, you will see a drastic increase in the open rate and click-through rate of a common email marketing campaign.

Let us go through a few effective steps that you could possibly implement in email marketing to attain high response rates:

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Use Relevant Images

Most Outlook versions may support certain types of background images, but not the ones which aren’t supported by visual elements as they use a lot of space. Any image as wide as 600px is good as the smaller the image, more space you would get to devote to your email message.

But any big firm as Apple can easily promote its new launches through a single image with very less content. The bigger the image, the more time it may take to load it and it can get the email recipient irritated and may drive him or her into closing the email.

As we all as professionals are too busy to open and read an email, and an email with too many images can actually break our concentration. The click-through rate yielded by such emails may be very less as compared to emails with less but accurate images.

To be able to avoid losing customers due to inaccurate email messages or images, we  should send emails that have precise but meaningful content, which matches the subject line.

Adaptable Content For Multi-Devices

We all know how mobile device users behave when they receive an email on their cell phones. With every new email, they lose interest, so to hold their interest in your products and services, it is important you use their first names in the subject line to make them feel cared for and in the same subject line, mention the main idea of the email. Though it is best if you avoid using a long subject line as no one, who uses a mobile device, has the time to read through the complete subject line. 

Even your email content should be crisp, to the point and should make sense, or else forget that a Tablet phone or a Smartphone user will want to read through an extensive mail.

It makes more sense if your email has hyperlinks to any of your blogs, whitepapers, and social media tabs. This increases your email's click-through rate and guarantees that the email recipient is quite interested in your offers and wants to know more about your firm.

Use Right Font Size

You may be for sure using a mobile device for accessing every kind of information shared online. As per research, an average distance of 34 centimeters is what readers' eyes are from their phones. Every year, new phones are coming with larger screens. Screens are getting larger continuously, and hence, the text size of a message should increase accordingly, so as to be equally visible on most of the smartphones and tablet phones in the market. To make the reading of an email a good experience, you make the font size at least 16px or more, as Apple to suggests 17px to 22px font size range.  

Add links to responsive website

If you send emails that are relevant to email recipients, know that they will be interested in clicking on the link to your company's website. But know that every email message should be personalized as per customer type, age, and location. If a particular web page does not open properly on a mobile device, know that this may disappoint your email reader and make him or her leave the page instantly.  So, not only make your emails mobile responsive but your web pages too.

Skyrocket your Email CTRs

It goes without saying that email marketing campaigns, accessed through desktops and phones have different click-through ratings, either of them goes up as and when the email seems relevant to the user's eyes and mind. To begin with, what matters to the eyes of the beholder- you can keep the template background light with the sender's designation with the company logo in bright colors. Using large clickable buttons for social media will make your social media presence more visible.

So, there you go with a few, but nonetheless, important email designing tips. We have mentioned a few here, it is up to you how you use email marketing software such as MailChimp and Aweber for various attractive email templates that could do wonders to your emails' CTORs.

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