Businesses like Asda recruit staff for a variety of reasons

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The recruitment process can be very costly. It takes a great deal of time to set up an effective recruitment process- involving deciding on what the jobs that are to be recruited for will entail, advertising, sifting through applications, checking which applications best meet the criteria set down for the post, interview candidates and, finally, selecting the best candidate for the post. There is considerable scope along the way, for waste and inefficiency. For example, when a job advertisement attracts 100 applicants there is an opportunity for waste when you reduce the original 100 down to six candidates.

If you get your procedures wrong you may eliminate some of the best candidates right from the start and end up with six who are barely satisfactory. If you end up choosing an unsuitable candidate for the job, the company will suffer from having a poorly motivated person, who may make mischief within the organisation before walking out on the job and leaving the company to go through the expense of replacing him or her yet again. Different modes of employment and different terms and conditions Flexible contracts Employees can work full time or part time and on permanent or short-time contracts.

One way in which firms achieve greater flexibility is by increasing the use of temporary and part-time contracts, thus reducing job security and reducing the number of employees employed permanently and full time. Subcontracting and outworking Asda has not chosen to take responsibility for certain activities that were previously carried out internally (e. g. cleaning services and advertising) Asda gains flexibility within their labour force by moving the employees to different jobs and geographical areas, according to changing economic conditions.

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Benefit of HRM If Asda recruits the right people the ways in which they will benefit in many ways along with the individual. When done effectively, the staffing, recruitment, and selection process provides a flow of qualified individuals for filling open positions within the organisation on a timely and efficient basis. HRM will integrate with Asdas Financial System, the Payroll/Personnel System, and the Budget System so that information is shared, reducing the need to re-enter data and reducing the chance for error.

For example, HRM will use the AFS (Asda Financial System) Chart of Accounts, so if an account number changes in AFS, the change will be passed to HRM automatically, and users will not have to make the change in HRM. After the recruitment components is implemented, basic information entered by job applicants (such as home addresses) will already be in the system when an applicant is selected and hired so departments will not need to enter that data.

Another example of the ways that HRM will streamline work is employee ID numbers; these will be assigned by the system immediately when an employee hired is entered into HRM systems. This will allow new employees to get email accounts and access other services more quickly. The above examples illustrate improvements on the work process level. In addition, managers will have much more data available for reporting and workforce planning.

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