A Study of Perseverance as the Key to Success

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Last Updated: 05 Jan 2023
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When it comes to success, many people think of determination and overcoming obstacles. Perseverance is the constant dedication of time and effort towards obstacles in the way of success. Successful people in our society have the quality of perseverance that allows them to become successful. The student who took the internship shows this quality of perseverance.

Even though he was rejected from the lead role, the student emailed the theatre and was able to get an internship that would allow him to build and grow his acting skills. This action is an example of perseverance because it displays the student's dedication to time and effort towards his obstacles. The internship will push him towards success because it's allowing him to learn more about the career he wants and will allow him to improve. Through this action, the student shows that he'll continue to persevere to achieve the success he wants to gain.

The student who is relying on talent alone will never be as successful as the student who took the internship. When the second student was rejected by the theatre he gave up. The student is sure he'll get the lead role of the fall play at school, but it's not guaranteed. By giving up and not putting in the dedication of time and effort, the second student will not improve their skills and will most likely decline in their talents. In order to improve or be good at something, you have to practice and put in the dedication for it. Over time without practice, your talent or skill level will gradually decline.

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In conclusion, perseverance is the key to success. People can have a natural talent but without perseverance they'll never achieve the success they want to achieve. With time and dedication, perseverance will allow anyone to improve themselves and achieve the success they seek.

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