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The Theme of Perseverance in the Novels Barrio Boy and Schooled

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Two boys from a different time and place are forced to live in a new time and place, will they survive? In the memoir "Barrio Boy", Ernesto Galarza, the author, tells you about a part of his childhood. He had to go to The United States of America because of World War 2. In "Schooled" a novel by Gordan Korman. A boy named Capricorn Anderson (Cap) has to leave his hippie commune and go to public school. He has to leave due to his grandmother having an injury. Both boys have to survive in their new environment and their new school.

After Cap's first day at Claverage Middle School his goal was to go back to Garland and Rain. Cap saw violence at school and did not want to be around that. Cap was getting pranked but he didn't know that that was happening. He was made the 8th grade president, which is a bad thing at that school, but he was the best at it. Somebody put a dead bird in his locker, but instead of freaking out, he buried it and showed Naomi, one of the bullies, how sensitive he was, and she wished her crush, the most popular kid, and the biggest bully, would be more like Cap.

At the foster home he was put into, his sister didn't like him, but Cap was still nice to her. Her father showed her a bangle then left town without giving it to her, and Cap bought her a $300 bangle engraved with "All you need is love". Cap wanted to go back to Garland but him and Rain decided to go back to public school and live in the city.

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Ernesto wanted to learn English and be a good American, he didn't know if the Principle was a friend or a foe, He became friends with the other immigrants, and started to learn English. After a while, he learned how to say "butterfly" instead of how he used to say it, "booterflee". He realized that the principal was a friend, not a foe. His speech teacher, Miss Ryan, made

Ernesto love school. He graduated with honors and he felt accomplished to be a Mexican- American.

To accomplish their mission, Cap and Ernesto overcame their difficulties and succeeded

in their mission. Ernesto and Cap were successful and learned that you can be yourself and fit it.

They were true to themselves throughout the whole time and overcame their troubles. The theme for "Barrio Boy" and "Schooled" are that you can be true to yourself and still fit in. Both boys accomplished their mission to survive in their new environment and new school.

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