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A True Hero

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Anonymous Prof. Smith 2 October 2011 A True Hero Soaring through fiery infernos, slaying dragons, rescuing the damsel in distress; heroes are stereotypically viewed as those who go through a heart-pounding adventure to save the love of their life. However, this does not always have to be the case, especially in real life. Although some may disagree, Gilgamesh is a hero is his own right because of his bravery, perseverance and loyalty. Just as Gilgamesh has these attributes of a hero, I believe my Grandfather contains these attributes too.

My Grandfather, who is my mother’s father, went through a lot in his life to illustrate how he obtained my reverence towards him and why I believe he is a modern-day hero. Bravery is the key component that all heroes share. Without bravery, those defined as heroes would have been unable to overcome obstacles or take chances in their path of life. Determined to prove himself as the mightiest being, Gilgamesh showed his bravery by slaying Humbaba. While my grandfather failed to slay any massive beasts, he confirmed his bravery through other means. My grandfather first stunned me with his bravery when he shared his stories of being in the Navy.

This is really impressive to me because I would never have the guts or strength to be able to handle the Navy and serve our country at the risk of sacrificing my life. Both Gilgamesh and my grandfather showed their bravery because they were able to stare death in the eye, and survive. It is also necessary that heroes maintain the ability to persevere or else heroes would be non-existent. Perseverance is the driving force that motivates heroes to keep going even in the face of adversity. If heroes lost perseverance, their journey would end when an obstacle blocked their path.

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It is a true hero who stands up in the face of adversity and continues to push forward to the finish line. Gilgamesh showed his perseverance after Enkidu died. Faced with adversity, Gilgamesh never took no for an answer as he searched for the key to immortality. Just as Gilgamesh showed perseverance, so too has my grandfather. My grandfather is an avid businessman and has been faced with many obstacles. In business, high risk equals high reward, but high risk can also induce high failure. My grandfather has always told me “Failures define who you are” because it tests your character.

Throughout his career he has faced failure, understood how it felt to own nothing through bankruptcy, but he has never given up. His perseverance through failure made him stronger and led him the successes he was able to obtain. No matter the obstacle, Gilgamesh and my grandfather persevered through difficult times, never gave up, and came out on top. Finally, loyalty is another important trait heroes share. Loyalty is the fundamental reason as to why many heroes are brave and persevere. Whether it is loyalty to a loved one, family, a friend, or even their city, loyalty keeps heroes persevering and motivated.

For Gilgamesh, Enkidu was his loyal companion. Their loyalty towards each other was un-measureable and their friendship was unbreakable. When Enkidu passed away, Enkidu inspired Gilgamesh to journey for immortality. My grandfather’s loyalty was persistent throughout his life towards my grandmother, his kids, and even his grandchildren. From the time he met my grandmother he was always completely loyal to her. Through good times and bad they were always at each other’s side. When he had kids it was the same way and even today he shows his loyalty to his grandkids by attending their sporting events or just being there for support.

Bravery, perseverance, loyalty: three key components to be recognized as a hero. Each trait plays off the other, but a true hero exemplifies all three. While soaring though fiery infernos, slaying dragons, and rescuing the damsel in distress may be exciting, becoming a hero isn’t as difficult as fairytales make it seem. To be a true hero, ultimately all that is required is a strong and courageous heart, a never-give-up mentality, and faithfulness to all those important in your life. Acquiring these attributes is easy to do and make you a hero in anyone’s eyes, even if it’s just your grandson’s.

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