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An Introduction to the Creative Essay on the Topic of Perseverance

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Perseverance is a virtue in humanity; it is an unending effort towards hitting a goal, regardless of discouragements, setbacks, difficulties, and disappointment. It is also tolerance to a challenging and holding steadfast to the battle towards a target laying down all the shortcomings towards the goal. It entails commitment, patience, hard work, continual trial, endurance, and facing difficulty without complaint.

The social classes of a society; the rich and the poor – all persevere in different ways; the rich will persevere to support the poor, while the poor are persevering to support themselves. Each gender has a breaking point in perseverance; men have proofed to be strong- hearted such that they can go through an issue for a long time without giving up, even if those close to them hold a contrary opinion. The outcome of perseverance is always a success. Persistence through a problem may be so painful, demeaning and distressing, but coming out of it is a triumph.

Most people will choose to persevere, as they fix their eyes on a brighter future. If a person will give up on doing something, if whatever the future has, is not worth suffering or the circumstances forces them to let go of the tolerance. There are quite a number of excuses as to why people would choose to persevere.

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The film The Burning Bed is a movie that brings out the aspect of perseverance to domestic brutality, this through bullying, and battering. The brutality reaches a point that the other party decides to call it quit. Francine and Mickey met and fell in love, though Mickey looked more of a bully, she goes ahead to marry him. Mickey then started to physical abuse on her. She finds it so hard to carry on, and she files for a divorce. Though she had tried to persevere her husband being a bully, the intensity of brutality made her throw the towel in and decides to move out of the marriage. Mickey is involved in an accident, and she checked on him in hospital and helped him through rehabilitation and moved in to live adjacent to him.

After the accident, she is so compassionate about him despite the assaults that he had done, and, though she had vowed not to go back to him, she finds herself going back to his life, compassion and love for him is the factor that is driving her persevere his brutality. After recovering, his brutality worsens and he insists in taking custody of their children and even forced her into sex. After all the brutality and perseverance for her husband, who could not change, Francine decides not to take it no longer but decided to set a blaze on him while he slept on his bed. The difference in perseverance on gendered grounds here is pronounced; the woman perseveres his husband's brutality and abusiveness. The perseverance difference in male and female stands out at the time; Mickey needs his wife back after the accident and how Francine perseveres living in an adjacent room to take care of him. Man takes a short time here to tolerate a situation, and he needed her back (Greenwald).

The perseverance in this context has been affected by the changing circumstance; Francine perseveres the brutality of her husband and even moves back to him after a divorce, but when he neither reformed nor appreciated her effort during the time he was hospitalized, she takes a more serious step of revenging and moving out with her children. The perseverance of Francine to her husband's brutality changed with time when she realized that he was not appreciative, and he could not appreciate the works she did help him recover.

Men Don't Tell is a movie based on a true story of a man, a loving husband and father, who his terrified of his wife's violent behaviour. The man has been afflicted physical and emotional abuse by his aggressive wife. Ed perseveres the torture for a long time not only for the love of his wife but also the welfare of her daughter; he is tolerant to all the buttering and victimization by the wife because the customs and traditions sees a man who complain of mistreatment are weak and the minors of the society. Though it has been men who are known to be aggressive in marriages, the changing situation of women empowerment makes men vulnerable to brutality (Winer).

Lisa met John about 15 years ago. He was attractive, loving and even dated for a year. He respected her so much that she thought he was an angel for her. The signs later changed drastically; he started to abuse her verbally by telling her that she was not suitable for him and was no longer pleasant to him. She had to define her stand and put to a stop the assault and she rose to her defence by articulating for her rights. John started physically insulting her by causing bodily harms on her that she started to bleed, but she was tolerant to this brutal treatment. She stayed with him despite all the abuse. John would account for the bruises on her face and body because of accidents in the house. Lisa went to her father in law to claim the money belonging to her, after knowing that john was even brutal to her girlfriend.

When John could not change his arrogance towards her, and she packed her things together and left. After a while when she lived alone, she realized she is pregnant for him, anxious and saddened by this, she goes back to him. He did not stop assaulting her even at the time of pregnancy, and he batter her and throw her on the floor regardless of the baby in her. He even threatens her to terminate the pregnancy, this time; she packs her things together for the second time and left. This was for the safety of her baby.

Lisa gave birth to a girl after staying away from the brutal man and went to put up with a friend in her house, know about and he found us so that is when I went to live in a shelter. She is then thrown out of this house again; she is given an emergency room where she stayed in as she organizes to leave (Twyman).

Despite the challenges that she and her daughter have faced, she strived and worked to meet all her basic needs like housing, transportation, stability and safety, they continue to rebuild their lives.

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