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The Tale of Two Musicians and the Importance of Perseverance

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Once upon a time there were two boys. One of the boys named Jack had incredible musical talents. He could play the piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet. He also had a good voice. When he would play or sing, he would rarely make mistakes. The other boy's name was Sam. He was just average at all those things. But he loved music. Music was his passion. He wasn't the most polished performer, but he gave it his best and worked hard at it. Every year their city would hold a talent show. Jack and Sam both decided that they would sing and play the guitar. The day before the talent show, however, Jack got a sore throat and wasn't at his best vocally.

As he went on, he got nervous about what people would think and didn't play his best performance. When it was Sam's turn, he didn't care about what other people would think. He just played his best and had a fun time doing it. He may have made a few mistakes, but he knew that if he just kept practicing, he would get better. After the show Jack overheard some people talking about his performance. They were saying that it sub-par but if he kept working that he could be really good. Jack was crushed by their remarks. He started to think he wasn't very good and decided to give up on music. Sam also overheard some people talking after the show.

They said that he was decent but could make some improvements. Sam took those remarks to heart and started working hard. The next year, Jack didn't perform. He hadn't even really played piano or guitar for quite some time. Sam had practiced hard. He was ready for this moment. When he got on stage he played brilliantly. Everyone loved it! They gave him a standing ovation. He didn't let people's comments get him down. He just kept trying until he was satisfied.

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