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The Perseverance, Dedication, and the Giving Nature of My Mother and Its Impact on Me

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Mothers are there for their children from before and after birth. They nurture, parent, and advice their kids so they can become better individuals in the community and the world. My mother is the absolute person that has had the most impact on me. She has taught me the meaning of perseverance, dedication, and how to give back to others. In her life, she has put other people's happiness before hers, raised my siblings and me as single mother for most of our childhood, and was not only a parent to us, but a friend as well. My mother has had so many obstacles in her life, but even how hard they might have been, she still persevered and got through them.

She got engaged to my father, but because he needed to finish his education in the United States, they had to wait five years in order to get married. They got married in Jordan, and had me a year later. My father couldn't find a job in Jordan though, so he had to move back to the United States for a stable career and a good income to support our family. Even though our income level changed, it also meant that I had to grow up without a father, and my mother without a husband. My father would visit every year, but then he would have to go back a few weeks later. My mother and him had more children with time, which increased the need for money.

During that time, my father tried filing for us to come to the United States, but the application was denied, and did not get accepted till ten years later. During that time though, my mom had to raise us alone. Every day was an obstacle of making sure we were raised right with integrity, honesty, and enough resources to get by. My mom gave us her hardest to make sure we had a good childhood. My childhood might not have been the best, but I still cherish it because I learned the real meaning of life through it. My mother's dedication to her family is the reason we are still a strong knit family today. My mother never gave up on us.

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She waited patiently for ten years in order for our family to be together again. Many other women would have probably left their husband and family, but instead my mother stayed dedicated to us. She helped us through our school work every day. She taught us the little things like riding a bicycle, writing, and reading. She made sure we got good grades in school and showed us how important education was for our future. Even though it must have been extremely hard raising five kids by herself, she made it look easy. My mother knows how hard it is for people who are struggling, so she tries to give back whichever way she can. She always tells me that I am fortunate, and should look at people who have it worse than me. For example, I wanted a car really badly for senior year just like a lot of friends. My parents could not afford one for me though.

Even though I was a little mad that all of my friends had a car and I didn't, I learned from my mother that a car is not the most important thing, and I need to look at people who are doing worse than me, people who don't want a car, but want food to eat. I always find it awkward when my mother tips people a large amount of money. Whenever I would ask her why, she says that those young waiters and waitresses are probably going through a lot at this young age especially with going to school and having a job. She remembers what she went through at a young age, which is what makes her tip them a lot. Sometimes, she even tips the drive-thru window people.

Giving back is not always in the form of money though. My mom encourages me to take on community service opportunities as much as possible. My mom encourages me to give back to the community and to people who need the help. She is the reason I have a lot of community service hours and why I continue to help people. I am proud to say that my mother, Sada Abu-Rezeq, is the most important person in my life. She is my mom, my friend, and my mentor. She has impacted my life in so many ways and that I can't imagine how my life would be without her. She is the reason I am the way I am today, and without a doubt, the person I hope to be in the future.

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