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The Themes of Innocence and Perseverance in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

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Do you think back in the "Great Depression" time frame shows any similarities during the book “Of Mice an Men”. In the story John Steinbeck describes the theme to be back in the 1950's where there was physically and mentally disabled people who were not treated as well. The book explains two themes innocence an perseverance for which the characters show an demonstrate in the book. In the story "Of Mice an Men” one of the themes is displayed in the Mentally disabled character Lennie.Slim is an owner of a litter of pups, which he gave Lennie a pup only in a couple of days he kills the pup."He was so little," said Lennie.

"I was jus playin' with him... an' he made like he's gonna bite me... an' I made like I was gonna smack him ... an'... an' I done it. And then he was dead.Lennie then shows his disability an didn't realize how strong he was therefore he kills a pup.back in the 1920's Lennie is illness was not addressed nor treated as well at the time. which at that time was no support at all for the ill. Also, Curly is a character in the story that likes to pick on big people like Lennie for which when he does.leads lenny to crush curley's hand in self-defense for the lead Lennie saying after “I didnt wanna hurt him at all"! Lennie was very scared and didn't know what to do at the time.

In which, George gave lennie a okay to defend for himself, which lennie didnt want to but was given an order to do it so he did. Since, he mentally didn't know what to do at the time so he relied on others to help him.this shows innocence for lennie. The moral for this is to help those who mentally can't help themselves do to an illness or need direction and guidance to the right way. Perseverance is what is shown in Lennie and George. George and Lennie are two characters that are always working for others but not themselves so they set out to work on one more farm to collect there pay and buy land and work for themselves.Lennie says "we are going to get a place" very confidently.this shows how George watches over Lennie and they both listen to each other therefore if George has a thought Lennie is all the way through it.

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So since George has the brain an lennie has the strength both know they will surely achieve their goal.Lennie is very impatient which leads both of them to separate.which leads no one to watch lennie with no one watching lennie he accidentally kills curley wife while touching her hair and then yanking her neck with causes her to snap her neck.George comes back and realizes the bad lennie has done. Although, George is the caretaker of lennie.which he holds many responsibilities and gives stress and withholds him to do things not to get the land right away.therefore,leads a big split between the too. The moral in this is “if ya can dream it, you can achieve it" if you have perseverance and positive attitude. Conclusion:In the story it shows two themes innocence and perseverance which in identified in the book.I believe in the book "Of Mice and Men" is a story for which things can be pulled out to show how back then was like compared to now is society.

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