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Last Updated: 10 Aug 2020
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This is a marketing plan for Great Shanghai low nicotine cigarettes. It would involve strategic planning process that consists of developing the company's mission, objectives and goals, business portfolio and functional plans. Next, it designs its marketing mix to differentiate its marketing offer and position our offer in target marketing segments. Hence by putting the best mix into action, and engages in marketing analysis, marketing planning, marketing implementation, and marketing control are able to make this launch a success.

With an approach to attaining high sales and profits in the forthcoming year, the sales target is 7680,000, earning return on investment of 12% after tax for the first year, producing net profit of i?? 20,000,000 with a target profit margin of 12% on total sales. This plan outlines a systematic approach to attaining a significant market share of 8%. The company will be launching an aggressive promotional program. The marketing plan will be reviewed every month to ensure the objectives set to be followed. We also faced problems in the course of planning.

Market, itself changes every second. Most probably, the market situation before and after we make the plan is totally different. Therefore it requires us try to get the latest intelligence, and refresh it as frequently as possible. Nowadays, with the increasing demand of consumers for higher standard of life quality, many manufacturing firms are trying to fine-tune their business to cater for the consumers. Under the big environment that everyone wants to lead a healthier life, our company, Great Shanghai, is going to launch low nicotine cigarettes.

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At the same time, the new launch will diversify the existing market, as well as the brand Great Shanghai, providing more choices for consumers. According to the current market, ordinary cigarettes constitute up to 93% of the market share. Therefore, within a certain period of time, ordinary cigarette is believed to continue governing the market. On the other hand, as low nicotine cigarette is the trend of world tobacco industry, Great Shanghai must jump at the chance. Great Shanghai tobacco factory is one of the biggest cigarettes producers in Shanghai, with a history of 41 years.

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The company produces many types and sizes of cigarettes, with sales covering the whole country. In order to be the leader of domestic of tobacco industry, management decided to launch Great Shanghai low nicotine cigarette (8mg), which is produced with advanced technology. It contains relatively low nicotine which is less harmful to health, and meanwhile its taste suites most for the consumers. There are 138 different brands of cigarettes available in the local market, the most competitive besides Great Shanghai are: Zhong Hua, Hong Shuang Xi, Kent, Mild Seven, Camel, Bai Sha, Dun Huang, 555, Nan Jing, Li Qun, etc.

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