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Work attitude in Vietnam

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Work attitudes have become the most critical point for managers In the context that there Is a shift from a planned to market economy In developing countries. This raised a question for managers about whether or not this change may affect employee attitudes about work, commitment to a company, satisfaction and willingness to work hard. In a research conducted in Vietnam, three researchers, namely, El NCO Hung, Stephen Apollo and Earn Eagleburger explored and clarified the issues of organizational commitment, Job satisfaction and reasons affecting work attitudes in Vietnam.

To begin with, the critical reason for this survey conducted in Vietnam was that Vietnam was one of the most suitable countries for this research where employees have traditionally worked for state-owned enterprises (Goes) but now are starting to work In economic market. Moreover, Vietnam had a potential labor workforce and nearly 80 million people were born after 1975. Thus, If the government can utilize this advantage by effective Investment or attracting foreign Investors, It will be a considerable competitive force.

Otherwise, It might trigger to various social problems. As the research revealed, generally speaking, Vietnamese employees expressed positive work value. In specific, older employees were more committed to their organizations and more satisfied with their jobs, while employees with more education had lower commitment and Job satisfaction. They also reported more committed when they held a Job that was complicated, required more teamwork or they considered their Job as a central life interest.

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Employees who sought more independent or high income were less satisfied with their Jobs. However, there are some distinctions in attitude of employees between working in Goes and private companies as well as in regions. There was a trend that employees working In private firms were more satisfied and committed than their counterparts In Goes. Relating to regional differences, the attitudes of older workers In the south of Vietnam were more positive than the north and SEE employees In the north had such more negative attitudes than their counterparts in the south.

The main purpose of this research was better understand employees as well as find the best way to treat them in order to enhance their organizational commitment and job satisfaction. This research also indicated economic restructuring was the core leading to negative attitudes in the north because nearly all of their Job were in Goes. With the change in this structure, a great deal of downsizing and Job changing may be more extensive in the north, triggering to uncertainty in their minds.

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