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Hold on to your positive attitude

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O'Neil emphasis attitude Is not only the most Important element In one's social well being, but also the key to be successful In working environments. The passage shows different forms of daily interacting approaches in order for readers to better acknowledge how attitude can be transform into a person's life.

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Hold on to your positive attitude

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. The first example is about attitude in the work place. The author point out that one's will to generate positive attitude and also have the ability to retain the positive attitude while working with people, Is the most significant factor of Indicating one's prosperity and the most that other appreciate to working with. Hence, a worker that unable to show positive attitude will always have significantly as less opportunity to perform as a worker who are always friendly and approachable for help.

The second example Is also related to the attitude in the work place, but this is about how one's determination to feel and adapt the surrounding of the working environment. When one perceives the working environment is not ideal or favorable, he tends to perform much worse than a worker who enjoys everything he contact with in the work place. Therefore, the author advice one should always put effort into what is difficult to accomplish, other than wasting time in complaining what is bad and bothering.

Moreover, it Is essential to consider the attitude of oneself before action, especially in the work place. It is because attitude Is an Indicator of whether a person fits a position. For example If a worker performs very well at work, but he shows bad manner and unwilling to communicate with his colleges, and such negative attitude have surrounded the team and ultimately ruined the whole operation of a task. In his example, the blame and responsibility will always go to the worker, not for the reason of his performance, but his poor attitude to work as a team.

Besides the two examples, the author has generally described the importance of attitude in personal aspect. The author state that attitude is easier to be perceive with one's body and facial utterance in a conversation, it is because people sometime talks with the tongue in the cheek, but their facial utterances are harder to show overtones and connotations. Therefore, if one perceived negative attitude from a person through his odd language, one will no longer have the will to maintain the conversation due to the negative attitude had already deteriorate the content of such conversation.

In addition, the author reminds readers that one should always preserve positive attitude from being distorted, It Is because a deteriorated attitude can affect one's emotion and turns Into negative attitude. If such unpleasant mood has spread to the people in the surrounding, one's social life and career will go bad in no time. To should do self-evaluation as frequent as possible, like one should evaluate oneself as en reminds oneself to drink eight glasses of water per day.

To conclude, a person should not only show and keep positive attitude in the working environment, but also treat other with honesty, not to expose your negative attitude through the word is important, while avoid negative body and facial gestures are as eloquent as one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself

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