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Anti-Gay Attitude in Schools

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The article I read was on anti-gay comments in Canadian schools. Two university professors of Manitoba conducted a national survey of both homosexual and heterosexual teens. Out of 3,700 students across Canada, hear insulting comments on a daily basis. The survey found that seventy per cent of students heard phrases like “that’s so gay” and forty eight per cent heard derogatory terms like “faggot,” “lezbo” and “dyke” every day.

The article recommends that school boards should apply gay-straight alliances such as the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer) groups which are common in high school and a broad education as well as better teacher training. People who are insulted for being gay are simply harassed. Everyone has the right to life and security as guaranteed by our constitution. We have many bullies at school and comments such as those as I listed and are just another form of a put down and should not be allowed anywhere, including school.

Students who do this are just ignorant and immature but adults who ignore it are the real problem. This relates to psychology because if you examine the percentage of people who get harassed in school; could have mental health issues in the future such as stress for being discriminated in schools, suffering from anxiety and depression, or addictive behaviour because of their sexual orientation.

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Anti-Gay Attitude in Schools

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This could also lead to eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide. The likelihood of suicides happening are people who probably can’t cope with discrimination, isolation, and loneliness. In conclusion, the researchers said that there is a lot of ground to help push for an improved school climate which is true because high school is tough for everyone. And even after high school it doesn't stop being tough.

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