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Why obama is ruining this country

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Obama is not stupid, he is simply evil. He is tearing apart this country from the inside and 51% of Americans were stupid to let this communist bastard back in to the white house even after four years of him doing, well, NOTHING.

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Why obama is ruining this country

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. Now this socialist pig is trying to get rid of "assault weapons" and 30 round magazines. Colorado theater shooting, sandy hook, even so far back as columbine high school were a result of a mentally unstable person or persons acting violently because they were insane.

If you walked up to a sane, rational person and handed them a loaded AR-1 5 chances are they wouldn't think "Oh well I have this gun, might as well go rob that gas station, and while I'm at it, I'm going to shoot up a school. " These socialist politicians are too stupid to figure that out. I agree with you that he wants total control of the US, I wouldn't even be surprised if he tried to run for a third term. He could probably find some loop hole. And all the minorities and illegal would rally behind him if he wanted another term.

In addition to all of this, he is a post turtle. He is president, sure, but he sure as hell didn't get there by himself. I will close with saying this: I have only been on this earth for 14 years but In that time I have seen the once great America crumble around me. The world hates us, we turned tall In Vietnam, and now Afghanistan. This once great nation is turning into a communist powerhouse and all the dumb-asses that voted for Obama are scratching their empty minded heads eying "Well he promised change, I guess capitalism to communism Is change, that's good, right? I have watched time and time again, news reporters walk up to minorities and go "Do you think Obama Is doing a good Job? " then they would reply "Well yes. " then the reporter would say "What do you think he has done that has benefited us the most? " then they would respond with, "Well, man, uh.... It's all good. " And that's the best they could come up with

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