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Barack Obama or Socrates for President

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The United States of America’s presidential election is always been the major political event in the entire nation, on which set of prominent, outstanding and powerful politicians in the whole American nation are set to challenge each others capabilities. Under the unified goal, the list of clever American politician showcases their profound abilities and qualities to become the next president of the United States of America and rule the country for the succeeding years of their term, as the new head of entire states.

United States presidential election, on the hand, is arguably he most significant event of the entire United States of America, as it is the critical episode in the whole country, on which the people and the entire American society is up to decide whether who to entrust the future of the whole nation and the entire American dreams. The 2008 United States presidential race is one of the historical elections, the Americans will have, on which it is the first time to happen that there are no incumbents from both presidential and vice-presidential position, since the 1928 presidential election.

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Technically, all the running politicians for presidency are equal, on which every running candidate have definite advantage over the other and has a fair share possibility to be the next head of the influential American nation. (Rate It All, Inc. ) Among the political person running for the 2008 United States presidential election, Barack Obama is one of the most politicians to receive positive feedbacks among the American public.

Barack Obama, as one the United States presidential had been phenomenal to his political campaign, on which Obama had garner positive feedbacks on votes from most of the states in the entire United of America. In most of the political rallies Barack Obama, he often says America, as a united country must stand together and work together, on which everyone has a fair share of obligation to make the country productive and strong economically as well as socially.

This is how Barack Obama envisions the United States of America should be, on which he carry the tag-line “change, we can believe”, together with his supporters in all of his political rallies. (Barack Obama. com) In ancient politics, however, the Greek classical philosopher, Socrates, is one of the most popular political advocates of their own definition of ideal government. As a philosopher, Socrates has a bunch of in-depth insights about many forms of government, on which he as a thinker has a profound definition of government.

In principle, Socrates is an oppositionist of many forms of government, more specifically the democracy. (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) Just like Barack Obama, Socrates advocates his own version of an ideal government, on which he consistently pursue up to the last drop of his blood. Relating this to the current political situation of the United States, this classical argumentative paper will claim who would be the better candidate for the United States of America’s presidential election in the year 2008, between one of the prime democrat candidate Barack Obama and the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates.

Technically, Barack Obama and Socrates differ with each other on their explanation of ideal state government. As an oppositionist of many currently existing form of government, Socrates’ representation of an ideal form of government is more strict and profound, on which the structure of his ideal governance in state government is totally an antagonism to the entire principle of democracy. In his ideal Government, Socrates states that his principle structure of perfect government is divided into three major parts, on which are Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The Gold being the head of the state or government that their primary role is to rule and lead over its people: the silver is the army or soldier, on which their primary purpose or responsibility is to protect the welfare of the head of state or the government: and the last is bronze, as the common people who is classified by Socrates as the Laborer and the lowest least priority or part in his ideal government. (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Essentially, Socrates’ model of his ideal government for the state disagrees with the principle of democracy, on which most of the people, most especially those who belongs in the least bronze category do not have the same human rights as compare to the two more prominent division of Socrates’ ideal government. Nevertheless, the Greek philosopher Socrates’ model of ideal government do not cater to the needs and priority of the common people or the public of the state.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, as one of the United Sates presidential candidate for the 2008 election, uses the principle of democracy for the entire United States of America, as his personal definition of ideal state government. As a contradict to the ideal government principle of Socrates, the democrat prime candidate Barack Obama is an advocate of the so called democracy, as his primary definition of an ideal state government.

A true democrat that he is, presidential contender Barack Obama believes that every American has its fair share of right to help the entire country of the United States grow bigger and stronger, economically and socially. (Barack Obama. com) Moreover, the ideal governance of Barack Obama for the entire United States of America caters the needs and prioritizes the sake of the people in the entire states of America.

Barack Obama believes that every American or citizen of the state has its profound capability to protect and contribute to the future of the entire United States, on which the ideal government of Barack Obama gives every individual an equal share of freedom and right to do their share for the betterment of the entire American Nation. Nevertheless, Barack Obama’s ideal state government for the whole America centers to the good and better sake of all the Americans, towards the reconstruction of unified, strong and competent future of the whole United States of America.

(Barack Obama. com) In every state or country, government head or leader is important. He or she is the one in-charge to take care of the future and welfare of the nation as well as to its people. Essentially, the leader of the state is the one in driver seat to further achieve and enhance the dream or the American dream for the United States. However, between the democrat leader Barack Obama and the ancient Greek leader Socrates, the American democrat Barack Obama is more deserving to be the best and the next country leader of the entire United States of America.

I argue that Socrates as a philosopher and an oppositionist of the principle of democracy, his type of leadership is not suitable for a democratic country like the United States of America, which is better known for its outstanding freedom and equality in its states government. More likely, the Leadership of Socrates is comparable to a dictatorial governance, on which he is the type of a leader that only practice personal self growth and motives, as against to the priority and sake of the entire country.

Nevertheless, Socrates, as a leader is selfish in away he does not believe to the equal right or freedom of every people on a state, regardless of their status and role in life. Barack Obama, on the other hand, is the type of leader who believes and relies to the support as well as significance of the entire American people in rebuilding the nation and dreams of the whole United States. Barack Obama, as a leader is an advocate of equality of citizenry, on which he have the faith for the people to make their fair share to build and achieved to together the bright future of the entire United States.

As the nation’s favorite democrat candidate for United States presidency, definitely Barack Obama is the deserving and best leader for the United States against Socrates, on which Barack Obama’s faith in the American people, as a critical player towards the change and improvement of the whole nation is a superb quality of a best leader to lead the country for the next generations. Nevertheless, Barack Obama is the type of leader whose goal is not for his own personal growth or sake, rather he centers more for priority of his people and nation.

In every form of government, the people or the person in the state plays a significant role, no which the public or the people hold the key towards the success of the politician and its government in general. In Socrates’ ideal form of government, he depicts the primary role of the common people or person as the laborers or the least division in his ideal governance, on which his version of ideal government gives the least priority for the person in his government.

Barack Obama, however, depicts the role of person in his ideal form of government as one of the important aspects towards the achievement of strong and bright future of the entire United States of America. Moreover, Barack Obama illustrated the person role as the primary way to change the current political situation and dilemma of the United States of America at the moment. Nevertheless, in Obama’s form of government, he believes to power of equality and significant of the person, as the catalysts of change in the state governance, towards the social and economical growth of the entire American nation.

In the end, social contract is the best type of government for the United State of America, on which it has the profound capability to effect and implement equality on its people, regardless of their status and position in life. Social Contract, it is definite that no one is above the law or constitution of the land, with this it is fair enough to say social contract is the best for the entire United States of America to ensure fairness and equality of every Americans. Works Cited Rate It All, Inc.

(2007), United States presidential election, 2008 - Candidates Reviews: Retrieved May 22, 2008 from http://www. rateitall. com/t-23139-united-states-presidential-election-2008--candidates-reviews. aspx Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2003), Plato's Ethics and Politics in The Republi: Retrieved May 22, 2008 from http://plato. stanford. edu/entries/plato-ethics-politics/ Barack Obama. com (2008), Im Asking You to Believe: Retrieved May 22, 2008 from http://www. barackobama. com/index. php

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