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In Europe and the Mediterranean coast of Africa, in the early 19th century, the united States, palm oil placental and South America and Australia region of California began to grow. Due to its high economic value, has been extended to 30 countries around the world. According to the united Nations food and agriculture organization (FAA), the world seed of olive tree growing area, an annual output of 140 tons of olive 011 Is more than 140. N china since the 1964 introduction of olive tree, is mainly distributed in chuan, Huber, Shania, angle, Axing, Yuan, ghoul and other provinces (area), the planting area Is still growing, but some areas in planting, processing management still has some problems-stable due to the high ILEC acid content of olive oil, grease, together with its special processing technology, especially the nutritional properties of virgin olive OLL Is good, the price Is quite expensive. So It Is of woody fuel In the economic benefits of higher special oil.

Foreign system of olive oil method mainly has the following three types: traditional hydraulic oil olive OLL refining method, two phase and three- hash olive oil refining centrifuge separation and skimmed with olive bread organic solvent leaching method. Now, respectively to the traditional system of olives oil and centrifugal separation law method. Oil obtained in the first few steps have olive fruit pulp, the dispersed point together. By squeezing the oil separated from olive fruit pulp of solid materials.

Press law take olive 011 Is the traditional system of olives oil. Principle is to squeeze out the olive oil, with olive olive fruit pulp material volume compression, material mechanical deformation occurred. The solid part of the slurry liquid through resistance will be squeezed out. When the hydraulic fluid oil through the oil cylinder piston and push 011 into the OLL cylinder piston drive tray to squeeze the olive fruit pulp moving up,bucket elevator olive fruit pulp by compression after squeeze olive oil with water. Live fruit pulp volume shrink until the remaining olive pomade, unload oil olive pomade on bread, to complete a crushing process. Hydraulic OLL press frame type hydraulic press and screw press two, fruit pulp for 20 - 22 0 C temperature, squeezing time is 50 -? 70 min. The squeeze mode for intermittent olive fruit pulp squeezing process. Salary Intermittent squeezing process, as well as mechanical screw instead of hydraulic piston moves up and down, to achieve the purpose of compression olive fruit pulp extraction of olive oil.

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Olive oil refining equipment oil press legal process is the most widely used in a wide variety of olive oil production of a kind. About 80% - 90% of olive oil in the world are using this screw press press. Continuous spiral squeezing method This oil pressing machine is often used in other plants, although there are many scientists in the world for many try to Improve this kind of machine Is used to extract oil, because this kind of press is continuous work and can obtain the characteristics of high pressure, however the olive pulp urological properties for this type of press function does not work. s actually the olive fruit pulp properties is very strong, the material In squeezing squeeze pressure build up In the cage, pressure can only be 1 OFF olive oils and pomade olive oil, not squeeze from olive oil. Therefore, this kind of machine with little or cannot use at all. Belt type squeezing This kind of oil olive oil mill will olive fruit pulp coating metal mesh, similar to that of the caterpillar drawing machine rotation is compressed between the roller (filter), roller is made of metal belt drive.

Although a large number of solid material to get a better control, to achieve the purpose of preparing a certain amount of olive oil. But this process on the olive fruit pulp produced by the pressure is low, production is low, there is no mass production. Olive oil press squeeze out the olive oil contains a rage number of moisture, usually adopts the analysis method of separation.

The use of oil and water separation relative density is different in nature, its simple equipment, without power, low cost, the disadvantage is that long separation, mainly as early separation device;Len order to improve the production efficiency, using the method of centrifugal separation, it is using high speed rotary to rapid relative density of different oil and water separation. The separation effect is good, pure oil, can make oil water cut 0. 2%, or less impurity 0. 1% or less,Rice bran oil decaying has been widely used.

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