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Westernisation’s Benefits

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Everything has its two sides and Westernisation is not an exception. Although westernisation caused a lot of changes to a country, we can’t deny the benefits that it brought back for the humans’ development. First of all westernisation highlighted the turning point in the evolvement of human society. As a result, many transcendent inventions, which didn’t only help people to solve global problems as well as personal problems in life but they also created bases for further inventions, had appeared during the westernisation.

In addition, westernisation was also regarded to a part of globalisation in which countries had chances to approach cultural beauty of the others. Firstly, westernisation is an axiomatic evidence of the breakthrough in the history of human development during the industrial revolution period. The labour’s productivity improved considerably because of the appearance of new machines with new technology. Before the industrial revolution in Britain, most of works were done by hand and therefore they took a lot of time, exertion to complete with low quality of products.

However, when the industrial revolution began to outbreak with mechanisation of the textile industries, the development of iron-making techniques and the increased use of refined coal, the face of world’s economy changed eternally. Specifically, machines have helped humans in working faster and producing better quality products. Industrial revolution marked milestone of the change in work mechanism: from manual labour towards machine-based manufacturing.

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We can say that westernisation created a base for the vigorous development in world’s economy currently. Moreover, westernisation in some developing countries has helped their residents approach to the new technology that they had never seen before. As an example, when televisions were imported in some developing countries such as: Vietnam, Laos, Cuba…, the people began to realize a new and smart tool that give them news about the world every day or just entertainment such as film or music.

The consequential appearance of new technology during westernisation increased the humans’ perception about the world around them and knowledge also. Can people nowadays increase their understanding about everything in every aspect of life without the base of westernisation? Secondly, westernisation brought to humans many inventions that can help them to solve some key problems of the world as well as individual to boost the quality of life.

The appearance of many high buildings shows the intelligence of people after westernisation because it is an evidence of how people use the space that Nature gave them. As the population of the world are increasing second by second, there will be one day when there is no land for people to live. The construction of building is not only a smart back up for the future but it is also a way in which people use their knowledge to utilize the natural resources.

Not only that, with the development of technology, people also found vicarious energy for the fossil energy which will be depleted in near future such as wind, waves, sunlight… Therefore, we can say that westernisation helped us in finding resolution for the global problems that threatened the world day by day. In addition, the westernisation also provides each individual solution for his/her daily problems that arise abruptly. For example, the invention Internet which seems to be an integral part of the information development solved problem about contacting between 2 individuals.

Instead of sending a long letter which takes a lot of several days to another person, we can access to the internet and send an email with a short content wherever we are – that is really simple. People seemed to managed their times better than the past because they can do work faster and more effectively. That is just a discernible example in the innumerable benefits that westernisation brought to the humans. Finally, the westernisation was also a pre-globalisation which connects country to another to form a uniform world where the development increases unstoppably.

Approaching to another country’s innovation is an inevitable result of this process. Most developed and holistic nations where every indicator of a developed country is over expected: European countries and the USA are sharing their innovation to developing countries in order to help those countries more developed and out of emergency group. They might send more of their professor to developing countries on the purpose of transferring technology and new invention in industry or agriculture.

More students from the developing countries have more chances to catch up the modern education in US universities or European Universities. Those evidences show the basic definition of globalisation where many cultures are mixing in the same society, which creates the diversity in nationality and custom. Globalisation also makes the gap between poor countries and rich countries become smaller. Westernisation is a small part of that globalisation where all countries share their own culture to each other, learn from each other and develop together.

It makes the world becomes united without the differences in skin colour, developed level… Overall, the benefits that Westernisation brought back to the humans are uncountable. On the other hand, the disadvantages that it brought in the past couldn’t make the world developed in the worse direction and the best evidence for that is we are writing this essay in modern condition with air condition and bright light. Thanks for westernisation, we are living in the best condition and get benefited from the fantastic invention.

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