The Benefits of Marijuana Use for Medical Purposes

Last Updated: 07 Dec 2022
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It is normal for people to feel that rules are meant to forbid. When one goes out for a short drive for instance, he or she would encounter a lot of rules to observe – speed-limits, stop-lights, pedestrian lanes, no right or left turn signals, among many others.

But it is also not wrong to think that rules, while they forbid certain things to be done, are actually meant to regulate. This means that laws exists not really to stop people from doing what they so desire. Instead, they are there to regulate so that the people can live in a decent and harmonious society.

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Currently, the use of marijuana is forbidden by a lot of world governments, the United States included. And it is normally accepted that such prohibition stems from the desire to implement peace and order in the society. We all know for a fact that marijuana is a type of drug that, when smoked, can elicit certain psychological and physical effects.

People who smoke marijuana experience a feeling of being high – i.e., they feel a sensation characterized by being relaxed or pacified, or being a dreamy or semi-conscious state. Marijuana can make a person lose control as well. This is why, many authorities have forbidden its cultivation and possession, because its use can make a person do certain things he or she do not want to.

Be that as it may, I still would like to argue that authorities must start looking at the possibility of legitimizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

The use of marijuana, as mentioned, can bring about certain psychological effects. And many authorities fear that, if left unchecked, its widespread use can lead people to commit heinous crimes such as gang-wars, robbery, rape and even homicide. But in their desire to regulate the use of marijuana, in view of the noble purpose of maintaining peace and quiet within the society, many authorities have also undermined the benefits which can be gained from its use.

Specifically, these governments are overlooking the fact that marijuana can help doctors, and all those attending to the medical needs of the patients, administer helpful ways to effectively address pain management.

The hospital is a place where sick persons are treated. Most often than not, these treatments come with a very high price – i.e., these persons have to deal with the pain that comes with having to be treated with their illnesses.

In a manner of speaking, doctors and medical practitioners are tasked not only with the duty to cure their patients’ sickness, but also to make sure that patients can tolerate the cure which would be given to them. There are certain cures – for instance, surgeries – which are accompanied with intolerable pain. This is why, pain management is an essential part of medical practice.

In view of such need, I have reasons to think that governments can start looking into the possibility of allowing the legitimate use of marijuana, if only doctors and nurses can be helped in addressing pain management issues. Since marijuana can make a people less conscious of their bodily sensation, a dose of which can help patients deal with the pain of certain medical cures.

This is especially true after surgeries. When a patient undergoes surgery, the aftermath can be very stressful. He or she needs to put up with the grimacing pain that comes with the medical procedure. And there are even times when, because of the intense pain, patients get to be traumatized because of the intense pain that comes with their operation.

The use of anesthesia to address this pain issues is a common practice in the medical field. But because any high dosage giving out of anesthesia can seriously affect bodily functions, many doctors opt to use it quite sparingly. They would rather have the patients bear their post-procedure pain, than give them medicines which can seriously impede their normal physiological functions.

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