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Benefits to the family, school, and community of school age program

Schools are seen to have natural intervention vehicles that many health programs for children can fit.Today schools are used as venue for influencing healthy habits in children.Healthy living values, skills, and actions that promote healthy living and healthful behaviors of children are now being integrated in school age programs.

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Healthy living is essential to children’s effective living and learning. Accordingly “getting children started early in the habit of healthy living will benefit them throughout their lives” (Breithaupt, 2004).

A healthy lifestyle helps children achieve their full physical, mental, social and emotional potential. Age-appropriate recreational activities in the school like camping, ball games, and physical exercise are considered to be constructive and developmental vehicles for children’s physical and social-well being that enhance a balanced and healthy living. School age program adopting healthy living has indeed a positive impact to the family, the community, and the surrounding organizations. The promotion of healthy living in school helps parents accomplish their primary responsibility to raise their children in a healthy way.

Its re-assuring effect offers them degree of flexibility and enables them to work and conduct other activities away from their children. Parents become more effective and productive in their work. The children’s healthy learning experiences in school help eliminate parents’ anxiety of the well-being of their children. Further, the effect of the promotion of healthy living in school makes the school environment safe and conducive to healthy living for everybody and its impact goes beyond the classroom, the school, and the family as it also benefited the community and the surrounding organizations.

The healthy living values, skills, and behavior of children learned in school can help improve the quality of life in the community reducing the risks of health-related problems and anti-social behaviors, and give assurance of a healthy adult population in the future. The surrounding organization will have also a reduced budget for medical and healthcare programs, thus allowing them to create other developmental programs for the community. Reference List Breithaupt, G. (2004). Healthy living early benefits children. Mount Vernon News. Retrieved January 27, 2007 from http://www. mountvernonnews. com/local/06/03/04/fitness. html.

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