Benefits of studying abroad

Last Updated: 24 Mar 2020
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Studying abroad is one of the best experiences a student can have in the course of learning. Students who go through such an experience have been at advantaged position as they have been able to sample a different culture from their own. Studying abroad involves going beyond the border mostly to a foreign country. Students moves to a new environment which might be totally different from what he or she is used to. At times the students may be introduced a new system.

The reasons as to why people go to study abroad are as varied as the number of students who go through such an exciting experience. (Cressy, W 2004) Studying abroad usually prepares the students to work and live in a multicultural setting where they interact and learn about the other cultures. It encourages students to have academic discipline as they learn to reason in a totally or slightly different system. Through such an experience students are taught to be independent where they get to do things on their own sometimes in environment which encourage tolerance and accommodation.

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Through such an exposure the students learn to respect other people’s ways of life despite the differences. This enhances their prospects for the future jobs especially those which are international in nature. (Cressy, W 2004) Studying in a foreign country affords the students many rare chances, these includes learning a new language and an opportunity to experience different cultures, history and environment. It accords the students an opportunity to witness some of the things learnt in text books firsthand.

In the modern world employers are seeking skills which have been polished through overseas engagement. A student who has studied in a foreign country will be in a better position to secure employment as he or she will be bringing a new experience to an organization. Studying abroad is a very special opportunity which helps the students to develop certain skills, adaptability and confidence. It is an adventure that moulds the students into individual who can fit in different cultures around the world. Reference Cressy, W (2004) A guide to Studying Abroad, Princeton Review

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