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Unique super shop is going to be launched as a partnership super shop business. The company owns and operates an industrial plant and is engaged on the business of making food products and is marketed through its own show room and agents all over Bangladesh. Here we all will work as a group & contribute capital and management expertise to the business enterprise and perform Joint responsibility for the operation of the business and for its debts.

Unique Super Shop's principal activities are to collect cow milk from dairy firm, manufacture it by value change through proper process and modern technology so that it can meet the existing demand of milk among consumers. We are going to launched our business in urban area where people can not get fresh food particularly milk. Day by day they are losing their health stratus by taking unhealthy food. Our aim is to provide fresh food (Milk) to them which will be collected from various rural firms.

To serve its customer with highest level of satisfaction the company always give emphasis on meeting latent emand of the customers by introducing new and innovative products in the market. This is first time in Bangladesh we are introducing a super shop where all types of milk product or food is available in a single platform.

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Business description

General description of the venture

For making a profit, we are some friend launching Unique Super Shop so this is the general partnership business. Our business can be based on written contact and legal oral agreement.

Where included name of the partner, Purpose of the partner duration of the business, how profit and loss will be istributed, salaries, absence contribution of each partner to the business etc.

The Reasons of Choosing Partnership

Ease of formation

A partnership is fairly easy to start. It is nearly as free from government regulation as a sole proprietorship. The cost of starting a partnership is low. It usually involves only a modest legal fee for drawing up a written agreement. Which in a highly desirable. An oral agreement is sufficient but not recommended. And that will be easy for us to establish our business. So we have chosen partner ship business.

More funds available

In a sole proprietorship, the amount of capital is limited to the personal wealth credit if the owner. In a partnership the amount of capital may increase significantly. A person with a good idea but little capital can look for a partner with the capital and lor credit standing to develop and market the idea. And we all have brilliant ideas with a little capital. So we have chosen partner ship business

Combined managerial skills

In a partnership, eople with different talents and skills may Join together. One partner may be good at marketing; the other may be expert at accounting; financial matters. Combining these skills could provide a greater chance of success. So we have chosen partner ship business.

Tax Advantage

It has some potential tax advantages over a corporation. Ina partnership as in a sole proprietorship, the owners pay taxes on their business earnings. But the partnership as a business does not pay income tax. So we have chosen partnership business.

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