UK Multinational Company with Significant Property Portfolio

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One of the UK multinational companies with significant property portfolio is the Emaar Properties, which is one of the world’s largest real estate companies that are rapidly developing to become a global provider of premiere life style. Established in 1997, Emaar develops value added, master planned communities that meet the spectrum of lifestyle. In an overview of Emaar Properties published in the internet, it cited that the company was then an undervalued developer and merely a proxy for the emirates budding property sector on local markets.

EMAAR’s emphasis on its ‘first mover advantage’ and a hefty portfolio of sold and delivered projects had set them apart from the real estate sector. With substantial orders to develop specific mega-projects in the UAE, EMAAR has been the first to complete its project in the international stage and equipped with commanding brand name, a performance that reflects a mix of ambition and prudence.

EMAAR announces that it is going to build a hundred malls in the emerging markets of North Africa and the Middle East, which is another milestone in the company’s international refutation as one of the worlds leading real estates corporations. The company’s success in getting all this jobs reveals that EMAAR is a brand of quality, and sophistication. The EMAAR overview expressed belief to the company’s ability to secure favorable terms and that a sustainable presence will be successful in establishing a strong international foothold.

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With its current international connections, no doubt that EMAAR enjoyed an international prestige. Indeed, aside from the hundreds of malls that are due for construction, EMAAR also had more international projects such as the four million square meter Cairo heights development, a large-scale project in Egypt, the Umm Al Quwain Marina, and a waterfront community with 9,000 homes to be developed on a 1490 acre of land which will consist of 2600 villas and 6500 apartment.

Emaar six division includes property, education, healthcare, finance, malls and hospitality. EMAAR is also committed to develop housing units in the Emirates and many other international projects reflecting the impact of EMAAR on the international stage. Its main objectives are to expand its geographic footprint and acquire a leading management team to influence its expertise on a global basis (KPMG Corporate Finance). Emaar is envisioned to provide for a one-stop, global solution for quality lifestyle for people around the globe.

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