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Having a lot of friends is nice, but it is more important to have true friends. A true friend should be supportive and trustworthy. I am fortunate to have honest and caring friends. Although there are many different types of friends today, I can only rely on these three types of friends; a school friend, a neighborhood friend and a childhood friend. The first type of friend I can rely on is my classmate, Jack. He has a very serious attitude towards his studies.

He often reminds me that being able to attend school is a privilege. He mentioned that there are a lot of people that wants to go to school but cannot, because of many different reasons. He is a very sincere person that is always willing to help, especially with my school work. When there is something that I do not understand in our lecture, he patiently explains it to me. We both prefer to be in the library when there is an upcoming exam. He helps me study for an exam by asking me questions about the subjects that will be in the exam.

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Other than studying, we both enjoy watching sports. We both love the San Francisco Giants and the San Francisco Forty Niners. There are times when the school works are overwhelming and Jack continues to motivate me to never give up. The second type of friend that I can rely on is my neighbor, Noy. She has a very positive attitude towards life. She often invited us to take trips around Tokyo and enjoy. We also spent a lot of time babysitting each other’s kids, especially during deployments.

I did not like leaving my only daughter with our other neighbors but I felt at ease when I leave her with Noy. Being a navy wife herself, she understood the hardships of not having any family for support. She also has a passion for cooking which made it enjoyable to host parties with our other neighbors. We enjoyed sharing recipes and cooking tips with each other. I admire her for having a big heart. She believes in giving people second chances. Looking at the positive side in everyone is her motto. Every day, she inspires me to be a nicer person.

The third and most important type of friend that I can rely on is my childhood friend, Lea. She remains humble even with all of her success. She is a working mom that has a career in microbiology. Distance was never an issue with our friendship. Even though we are in two different time zones, she continues to provide me emotional support. She always makes an effort to keep in touch by calling or emailing. She also loves shopping as much as I do. We love shopping so much, that even a three hour drive to the store did not stop us.

There was a time when we both argued with the sales lady for putting up a wrong advertisement sign in the store. We both started to walk out of the store frustrated, but started to laugh soon as we go out of the store, when we both realized that we misunderstood the sign. Being in a different country, this will be our second year not shopping together for Black Friday. Despite the fact that we are not blood related, we treat each other like sisters. She is always encouraging me to work hard for the things I want in life and be successful.

I have made a lot of friends in the past but my friends from school, neighborhood and my childhood are the only ones that continue to make a difference in my life. My classmate, Jack, helps me get through my struggles in school. My neighbor, Noy, makes my stay in Japan a memorable experience. Finally, my childhood friend, Lea, gives me strength me, even from a distance. I would rather treasure these three types of friends in my life than have a dozen of other unreliable friends.

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