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When he cares for someone, he shows it and oneself, h?s not a shy type of person and maybe just a little bit lazy think. He looks like a vampire because he hates going out in the morning because as what I've said, he's too conscious with his skin's color. He hates cheese but he likes chocolate a lot. He looks so cute when his sleeping he looks like a little child. Unlike the other boys, he's not fun of playing basketball and other ball games think. This someone is not just like an ordinary someone for me.

Someone will remain someone, no name will be mention. Not all someone means unknown. Persuasive essay: Have Many Friends gut Are They All Real All of us have a friend, that's normal. But do you think if you have many friends, all of them are true friends? No, no, no. You what more friends, for what? Having many friends is not the basis Of having a real one. Friends are those person whose there during the time that you really need someone to talk to and someone to be with, not that person who are just there when they need something from you. , you, us, we don't need many friends when in fact, all of them are just fake and can bring us in trouble. Just look for the person who you think really deserves to be your friend. The person who you think it is and the person can really trust. Being friendly is actually nice. But actually you don't need all of them. At least having some people in your life is enough. Don't ask for more, just be contented with the friends you have because you just don't know they are the real one. Not all the time that the merrier is better.

Narrative Essay: The Family Have The people who will always be there for you, who will acceptor whatever and whoever you are. Who will think of things for your own good and make you safe, not the things that can harm you. The best gift you receive from God, the only one who will be there when you feel nothing. Family, the one hose there during the hard, sad and happy times in our life. Where we first learn how to love, how to care, and treasure important things we have, and where we first experience the feeling of being love.

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Like other people, I have my own family which is composed of my mother, sister and of course me. You've noticed there's no father right? Yeah, all of us have father but not all of us experience of being love of a father and I'm one of that. Yes, I have father but never feel his presence even hi so I conclude 3 members of a family Is enough. I already feel contented even without a father. My mother raises me and my sister alone. I saw how my mother did her best just to provide our needs, just to make us live. Appreciate everything that my mother did.

She's the best mom lye ever wish for, just like my sister. My sister is just like me, a disobedient but a loving child. Maybe that why we're really close. But despite of that she is a very good sister and she's the best. She cares for me that much. I can say it's really nice to be the youngest daughter and sister. I'm very honor to have them as my family. To have my mother as my teacher as the same time my adviser and my sister as my best friend. Having a family like them, you won't wish for anything else. I just wish, May God blessed me and my family and guide us.

Expository Essay: Influence High school graduating students will soon be studying in college. Do you know that almost 50% to 70% of the graduates will choose their course with the influence of their friends than their family? Graduating students will choose their course for their college. But observations say that friends give greatest influence to students on what they will choose. Parents have less influence to their children because they want their children to choose on their own. Influence can either be good or bad. It depends upon the people who will believe.

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