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Types of Friends Critical Essay

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Classification Final Draft Types of Friends When I was a child, my parents raised me and my siblings to appreciate various kinds of friends. There are three types of friends I know of in this lifetime. I classify them according to how well they know me. We make friends or encounter them as we go every day. My first type of friends are called “pest friend”. They are my acquaintance, or in other words I only know them by their name.

I may not remember what they might look like if I go away for a short period of time. Usually, I meet these types of friends at school, at work, at a store or anywhere I would be. Next, I call them my “guest friends” or social partners. These sorts of friends I don’t talk too often. We would go out and at the end of the night we go our separate ways. Last, but no least, I have what it’s called “best friend”. They are always there when I need someone to talk to or when I’m down.

They know me as a person and are always there with me through thick and thin, regardless of how bad things may seem. I am able to trust them with my problems. I don’t have to think twice about anything when I share with her. They never judge or criticize me, but are able to give me great advice or tell me something positive to encourage me and keep my head up high. Friends come in all different shapes and sizes: meaning they are all different. That’s why we categorize our friends. They all have a purpose to serve in one’s life.

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Types of Friends Critical Essay

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