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WeChat: Connect with Friends

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Some of the website use their own language, and some use English. The most activity page Is Weight Indonesia; It has more than 800,000 Likes and 63 thousand talking about this. The second one is Weight India. It has more than 747 thousand likes and 7 thousand talking about this. Other pages have about 20 thousand likes. Some activity pages, like India, Malaysia, have different cover pages; but some, like Hong Kong, Australia, have the same cover page and most of the content are the same. If there is a need to separate Faceable by countries, It should every country character.

If It makes every hint the same, it Just need one Page. Because It has 1 1 pages, I want to choose two typical ones of them. The Weight India page Is the most activity one. And it almost update twice a day. At first glance, we can see almost every post has picture with Weight icon. It is a good way to give new users the impression of Weight. The photos can help you know what they post. You even have no need to see the worlds up the photos. Weight has a function that people can build fan page in Weight about some topic, which Is Interesting or useful. Then people can get newest Information from that page or we can call It group.

On their Faceable, they always post some Weight group, and promote you to follow the Weight ID, Like PER Cinema, or Colors TV. I think the reason why there are not so much replies is also because when people find a group on Weight, they would like to have a talk on Weight. It is a good way to appeal people to use it, but it also needs to create conversation on its Fan page. So that others who do not use Weight can know the opinion from those who use It. Those opinions will be the first suggestion for them to use It or not. To promote Itself, Weight posts their function and explain how to have fun with them.

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The conversation under this kind of poster has not so much replies, but if some one says he has problem with Weight, Weight will reply him with the solution. I think that is not enough for Weight to have interaction with people. They can lead some interesting topic on Faceable, not only introduce the function or follow some groups. Another one I want to choose Is Weight Taiwan. I choose this one because the posters they have on their Fan page. It not only talk about Weight Itself, It also post the conversation. However, Weight Taiwan does not have so many fans. It is not so activity like Weight India.

It may Just post one for one or two days. That will not help it show up in public. Maybe because it is an App, so when people download and use it, they may not pay so much attention on its Faceable. No matter which Fan page, it always do not have so many replies. It is an important point they need to develop. I think when people have more replies and more share on Faceable, other who never heard about it can see. Now Weight is expanding its market, so it needs more activity. Another point I want to mention is that it has 11 Faceable Fan pages, but I think it need a main page for all over the world.

Then on the main page, Weight can put the links of different countries. This can help people who do not in these countries can like Weight page and pay attention to what happen. Twitter: The same as Faceable, it also have individual page for different countries. Here is the problem, it do not have a list on its website of all Twitter it has. It has about 146 thousand followers, and it updates frequently. It rewets others' Twitter. Most of them are those people's opinion about Weight, like they can have group talk with friends or he can have free video chat with friend in Beijing.

I think it is a very good way to promote their product. In this way, when people want to see the react of Weight and they find its Twitter and see these Tweets, they will think it is a useful and convince App. Here I also want to mention the Weight India. It has fewer followers than its main page, but it has about 10 times tweets. Weight is a Chinese app, when it wants to open it foreign market, India is their first choice. Now, India is the second biggest user of Weight, and because China use it own social media, like Webb, Renee. Then India is very activity on its promotion.

On Weight India, it wets average 3 times a day. It will post some important event on both Faceable and Twitter with photos. Weight India is the only one has a Weight background picture. From this detail, we know Weight India is doing diligently and attentively. It has hash tag, and people always talk about how they use Weight; or when someone builds a group, he or she may washrag Weight. I think Weight can rewet this kind of tweets. It can help people expand their group, make those who have same interesting come together, also it can tell them use Weight. It can kill three birds with one stone.

Not only its own hash tag, it also uses other hash tag to connect with other activities. Blobbing: When I searching its blob, I find it do not have a link to its blob. Finally, I find All About Weight blob. It does not seem like the official blob post because it has no background, no other information. It looks like very simple and I do not think they pay attention to this platform. Under the title, it has one sentence: now we are here with a link. There Just one more blob, and others are exactly the same. If two places have the same articles, why it need to separate readers to different platform.

Some posts re even in Spanish. Spanish is the second language in US, but it can't Just post in Spanish. They can have two posts with same content in different language. The I do not think it can typically representative the main idea. It talks about new emotions for Weight, why it needs to have tagged all, about. The emotions are different, but the tags are the same. At the top, it has a sentence saying: All you need to know about Weight: Readers from 154 countries as of May 2013. Where are the readers? There is no comment, no evidence to provide the dates. Another reason why there is no comment maybe the article is too short.

The article is like posts on Faceable, not many words, Just a picture and several words to explain. When people first see on Faceable, they may want to comment, but if they see it again on blob and without any new, they do not want to comment. The article is not "news" for them. As I know from class, Weight India hires writers to writer about Weight every month, maybe the blob is on their country website. Actually I also see articles and news about Weight, but it does not have a specialized platform to collect this article to let people know comprehensive Weight. I find their official blob website, but it is a

Chinese website. I want to write about it because it has some good points. The articles are formal and have many replies. The Weight team posts these articles. All the topics are people concerned and they like to give opinion about these topic. It does not have tags, but it has classification. Then people can know the article is about function, tips or update. I hope they can work on this platform because from the replies, we can know there are many people following Weight and they must want to now information from official website. It they use it, they also need to change or update some things.

It needs IRS or other ways to share the article, and tags for easy to search. Linked: In my point, Linked is a social media for career or company. Weight do not use Linked so well. I find a Weight Marketing Linked page. It has a big problem that it does not use it in English. I think if it wants to open its market, the first thing it needs to change is the language. I also suggest they can have a list of employees, especial like the CEO. Then people can see the size of the company or if they want to find a job in Weight, they can know who need to connect with.

Weight almost posts rarely, ND I find some article even with strange pictures. The pictures have noting to do with the topic. In my opinion, the picture is also a media tool, and it can tell people directly. Maybe because the fan page name is Weight Marketing, it Just posts articles about marketing. It should be emphasis marketing, but not only marketing. It also can post the App itself or some interesting things happen with Weight. Under their products and services, there are Just two articles. From my experience of using this product, I think it can have more pages talk about this product specifically.

In its Faceable, when it updates its App, it will have a post on Faceable to help people get new function. Linked can help people know what you have, so I think it is important to have a complete introduction of the function. It has Linked group with 161 members, but Just few of them are working at Weight. It is really not an activity group, and the nearest post is amounts ago. Weight need to pay attention to Linked because it is a good social media to promote itself. In its group, it needs to add more employees and post more about Weight. Otherwise, the members talk try to make friends there.

I know most of employees are Chinese, and they do not use Linked. However, if Weight want to have more users, it needs to take full advantage of social media. They can't be stuck by Chinese social media and culture. Youth It has Weight India channel on Youth. It has four parts, Weight TV Ad, Stars on Weight, Weight Global, and Weight Feature Tutorials. In TV Ads part, the most popular video has more than 3 million views, and the average view is 100 thousand. The ads are interesting though it speak Hindi and people also reply they think it's funny and amazing, and they want to use this app.

It means the ads do a good promotion. Though I do not understand what they are talking, but I can know the story from their action. Weight use small interesting stories to tell people Weight is a very convince way to communication and many India stars are using it. Each part has about 50 videos. I can't tell whether it is lot or litter for it because I think as ad it needs to update and it will have new ads coming. When a new advertising showing up, if it can inform people to use it, then it is successful. Form the reply, we know the video catch audiences attention and they will try this app.

I also think it can have a broad let audience put their own video. What does user do with Weight? It also can be interesting. Conclusion I think there has big space to improve its social media. First thing is its website. When people want to know a product. He must go to its website first. In Yacht's website, it does not have all social media it has. It also does not have a list of which countries can use its product. As I mentioned before, it need to have a main page for Faceable, Twitter. On the main page, it should have links to separate pages. The language is also a big problem.

Weight tries to be an international app, so it needs to unify its language in English. To translate the media, it Just needs to have language selection at the top. Among all the platforms, I think they use Faceable and Twitter best. They update everyday and have reaction with followers. If I grade this company, I will it a B- or B. As a company, its social media cannot Just about one or two countries. India does very well, the Faceable, Twitter, Youth, and blob. It is activity on these platforms and does an effective promotion. However, in other countries Faceable, they seems like not pay attention to social media.

Again the Linked is about the company; maybe costumers will not check Linked. They still need to fill out it. When people access to some technical, they may want to find who produces it, and who are in the team or what do the team create before. It should have a Weight Linked page, not Just marketing page. Its main market is in China, and Chinese has Webb. At first I do think it need to promote it in China because almost every phone has Weight. But now I think whether it is the first communication tool in China, it will need promotion and social media. It needs to have something new to keep people sing it.

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