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Communicating means the passing on or receiving of information. Communication is important so that information, instructions, directions and requests can be passed between people and organisations. Internal and External communications This can be by verbal, non-verbal or written means between people within the same organisation e. g. change of venue for meeting, which is internal communication because the information sent around within the organisation. External communications take place between one organisation and another e. g.

Order/delivery confirmation or from one organisation directly to the public. E. g. a leaflet to Tesco's customers informing them of Tescos latest promotions. Types of communication There are many forms of communication a business can use: - E-mail, this is an electronic way of sending written communications, it has many advantages over 'old fashioned' pen and paper': - Advantages Disadvantages Speed, it is a lot quicker, you can send the same letter to many people around the world at the same time. To use the internet is expensive, this could mean high phone bills.

You can send not only a letter but other files including, video clips and presentations can be attached and sent electronically The whole internet system could crash, this could result in no internet and email connections for days, which is crucial if people need to send or receive important emails. The final disadvantage is, viruses. They have cost organisations thousands of pounds. They have stopped email accounts from working and have corrupted whole computer networks. Video conferencing, this is much like a telephone call but with added video. Advantages Disadvantages

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Parties can see each other; it is like a face-to-face meeting. Not all organisations have access to video conferencing equipment Saves people travelling to the same place, as you don't need to be in the same place. Can be expensive to buy and run. This can be held between different countries. Saves travelling costs. Phone calls, this is a cheap and quick method of one to one communication as most people have access to a telephone either at work or at home. Advantages Disadvantages Quick Response. You don't know who you are talking to. Nearly everyone has access to a phone. The Importance of Passing on Information

It is important for a business that information is passed on correctly, quickly and securely. Poor or misleading sales and market information could lead a company to make a wrong decision in deciding their future business strategy. In a competitive market it is also important that you are first to have vital market information ahead of your competitors, as this gives you an advantage. Personal information must be stored correctly and securely and not passed onto other people without their permission. The storage and use of personal information is controlled by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Examples of organisations that store personal information are: Schools, Hospitals and banks. For a supermarket if the daily sales of one particular item were misunderstood it could result in either too much or too little replacement stock be ordered, which could result in customer not being able to buy that particular item, which in turn could mean the customers goes to a competitive shop for that item. If the item was fresh food and the order was too much, they would either, discard the items or reduce the price in order to sell the product both would result in a reduction of profit.

External and internal communications of Mereway Community Collage and Tesco Mereway. This is an investigation that I carried out to find out which is the best way of communicating at work and how effective it is. Fifty employees from Tesco and Mereway were interviewed. Theses are the results from the survey - Analysis The first chart shows that both Tesco and Mereway don't use handbooks, but Tesco don't use staff trays unlike Mereway that use it a lot. The second chart shows that word of mouth is the most effective way of communicating and for both organisations, the least effective way is reading handbooks.

The third chart shows that people that all people think it is a good idea to communicate. The last chart shows that most information comes from the boss. How Tesco and Mereway Community College use external and internal communications. Tesco communicate nearly everyday with directors, managers and shareholders by the use of electronic mail (email). They all have email addresses of the directors and Tesco contact them for detailed information. Most of Tesco's customers have access to the Internet and email.

The Tescos website allows customers to mail the customer service department about any queries and any information customers may want. Tesco try to reply to any emails sent, but they get hundreds a day. Customers can phone the customer service department to get in touch as well. Tesco write to club card customers informing them of any new promotions. Tesco communicate externally as well. Tesco uses Electronic Mail, their most frequent way of communicating with their suppliers. This allows them to order for goods by using the Internet and the goods are arrived quicker

Mereway Community College communications everyday too. Employees in the schools reception have access to telephones, so they can communicate with children's parents instantly. Some staff have their own email address so they can be contacted and it is used for emailing orders to stationary suppliers, this makes the order arrive quicker. Internal Structure. The way that a business is organised depends on the nature of their activities. A manufacturing organisation will have different departments to an organisation, which offers a service.

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