Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Business Communication

Last Updated: 26 Apr 2023
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The advantages of each type of business communication is that written communication is an advantage because you know what your writing it easy to do but the disadvantages is that it can take long to be received.

Written communication includes letters, email, faxes and messages on notice boards, memos and reports. They are used for keeping a permanent record of the message also the reader can study the message over and over again and copies can be made.

Verbal communication is an advantages because it can be given quickly and feedback can be obtained easily but the disadvantages is that there no permanent record and people sometimes forget. Verbal communication includes telephone calls, one to one conversation, group meetings in person. They are used for receiving information quickly body language is shown and feedback can be obtained easily.

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Visual communications is an advantages because complicated information can be summarised so the message is received quickly but the disadvantages is that people interpret images in different ways or people find diagrams hard to understand. Visual communication includes films, posters, diagrams and charts. They are used for complicated information being summarised so the message is received quickly and pictures can communicate feelings and emotions better than words Desk and Field Research In my project I am going to use Desk and Field Research.

The difference between primary data and secondary data is secondary data is data that has been collected from somebody that has collected it from somebody else or from where it was publish and primary data is finding new information The difference between desk and field research is that desk research is finding out information which is already available and field research is information taken from; surveys, observations and interviews The different methods of carrying research is Consumer panels (focus groups), in depth interviews and Observations

I will use field research because it more efficient and it easier to draw more conclusions from. The method of field research I will use is face to face surveys.

I will use face to face because it is easier to do and you get instant feedback. I won't use Postal surveys, Telephone Survey, E-mail Survey and Web based surveys because it is harder to do. For a telephone survey you have to ring someone and you might not get through. You also can't see their body language. It will also be expensive to make lots of calls. I can't use a web survey because I don't know how to design one.

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