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Good Communication vs. Bad Communication

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As Wilkie, (2004) says, a human being is a social animal and this means that he cannot live alone in this world. It is therefore inevitable that from time to time, he will interact with the other human beings. In the process come good and poor communication or understanding and misunderstanding. I agree with the author that good communication contributes a lot to people’s success in this life while at the same time poor communication contributes a lot to people’s misfortune or failure.

The author of the article has clearly presented this information or the idea of good or bad communication very well in this article. He has given ample examples of how good communication has yielded good fruits when it was appropriately used.

Secondly, the author of the article has also given good examples of how bad communication has resulted to a lot of loss giving the current issue of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as one of the examples. It can therefore be argued that the author has presented this idea of good or bad communication perfectly well.

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On the other hand, there are some issues that I feel that the author would have dealt with further or deeper. In the article, the author gives some few ideas of what people should do to have good communication. However, I feel that the information that he provided here is minimal.  He only states or gives an outline of what people should do to have good communication. He should have dealt with some steps that would help an individual to decide whether what he is having is good or bad communication.

The author should also have looked at the do and don’ts of having good communication. Secondly, I feel that the author should have looked at some of the major challenges that become obstacles to good communication. As Locker, K. & Kaczmarek, S. (2008) says, there are a lot of challenges that one faces at the place of work and in our daily life and these are the ones that determine whether we are having good or bad communication. However, all in all, the idea of what good communication and bad communication can do to us has been clearly presented in the article.


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