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Ascendant Technologies trades globally and with modern technology it is possible to communicate with companies other than verbal communication. In some cases emails can be ideal form of communication if the customer is based in a country where it is already the end of their working day and to save lost time an email is sent. The advantage of email is that the conversation is written and in some cases can be translated through Google for example to be understood by the recipient. A written piece of communication can also be stored and referred to at a later date if required.

However, as written communication lacks emotion, it can often be misread or misunderstood and problems can arise. Ascendant Technologies have recently employed a Sales Manager. A Sales Manager is often a driven and focused individual whose objective is to win orders at all costs. Supported very much by the Classical School theories, he sees staff as a means to facilitate those orders which is highlighted in the way he writes his e mails, structured and to the point and not considering the workers feelings; neither does he consider them when in a discussion.

At one point he was placing himself in the customer “shoes” and called a worker stupid. Although not a direct criticism on the worker, that person was hurt by his comments all the same. As the general manager, the author was quick to defend his member of staff and defuse the situation. The general manager spoke with the other workers and it was made aware that the sales manager was not well received within the office. The general manager explained to the staff that they should not take his remarks personally due to the nature of his “sales” personality and in fact away from work he is a nice guy.

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The author has had his own run-ins with said sales manager and it is easy to misunderstand emails. They can come across as sarcastic and dehumanised and it is the author’s job to ensure this does not bring disruption to others and leave them de-motivated. Conclusion Communication is a vast topic of discussion and in particular the importance of effective communication within the workplace. From motivating people with low self esteem to dealing with a sales manager that see staff as a means to an end has been testing for the management but dealt with discreetly and effectively.

Communication through modern technology, can be sent in various formats such as e mail, texting and instant messaging which although convenient and a quick method, it is how the recipient translates the message determines whether it has been effective or not. Verbal face to face communication as supported by Mayo’s Hawthorne studies (1924-1932) is the more effective form of communication. Both sender and recipient are able to gauge reactions, body language and give instant feedback.

This gives the workers and management feedback required to set company targets and goals. Showing empathy with colleagues and listening to their troubles relieves pressure which will enable them to focus on their work and also shows the manager can be approached for any reason. Dealing with foreign countries means that verbal communication is not always possible on a day to day basis, so the need for written communication, such as e mail is a necessity.

It is important then, that great care and attention is taken as to how the content is being written as well as what is being written. TRY NOT TO USE CAPITAL LETTERS WHEN WRITING. This implies the sender is shouting. Don’t use exclamation marks!!! This could be perceived that the sender is angry, but for what reason? Ascendant Technologies is a growing company and without effective communication there is a chance that as the workforce increases, the organisation could become fragmented due to worker differences, cultures or beliefs.

As general manager, it is the author’s responsibility to ensure this does not happen and continue to promote effective communication throughout the company to ensure everyone is aware not only of their responsibilities to the company but to their colleagues and to ensure the environment is harmonious. “The newest computer can merely compound, at speed, the oldest problem in the relations between human beings, and in the end the communicator will be confronted with the old problem, of what to say and how to say it. ”

(Edward R. Murrow, American Journalist, 1908-1965) APPENDIX A Ascendant Technologies Ltd was formed in 2003 by three shareholders. The managing director had an idea to invent a micro chip aimed at heavy industry such as oil, gas and petrochemical companies. The reason was simple, the equipment on plants were identified by a tag made from stainless steel and its details stamped onto the surface. However, due to the harsh environments in time the details eroded and the product became unidentifiable and unserviceable.

The chip would store all relevant data of the product and by simple method of an infrared handheld device could easily be retrieved. Over the next few years it became apparent that the product had limited success and was very expensive to develop software, so the partners decided to go their separate ways. Since 2009, Ascendant Technologies Ltd was re-launched as a Valve Automation Centre servicing companies related to Oil & Gas industries. Since the Managing Directors and General Managers backgrounds were both from the valve industry this was a logical transition.

Obtaining vendor agreements with some of the worlds recognised brands of equipment the company soon grew from a  400k sterling turnover to ? 1. 4m in just under 3 years. Recognising the need for a fast supply of actuators and basic automated packages in these industries for unscheduled breakdowns, Ascendant Technologies Ltd aims to become number one Automation Centre in the UK. As the company turnover has grown so has the staff and currently Ascendant Technologies has 4 office based staff, 1 external sales and 2 contract.

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