Tourism Impacts Of Resort Operations In Talisay, Batangas

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In this tropical country, resort is one of the most leading establishments preferred by the emerging number of tourists in the Philippines for it offers a pleasant environment and ambiance that is conducive to comfort and healthful relaxation and rest. It is a very convenient destination for the tourists since it also provides food and dining, reception, accommodation, lodging, business facilities and other services. It is almost an all-in-one destination that can suffice the need and wants of the tourists. Stress and pressure that was brought by the monotony of everyday life have become a great factor in the trend of the tourism industry and they both laid the foundation for so many establishment and recreational facilities for the tourists’ enjoyment and sensual experience.

In Region 4-A, particularly in Batangas, many resorts are already established and known. This province is recently emerging as one of the top providers of class resorts. Talisay, bounded on the north by Tagaytay City, Laurel on the west, Tanauan on the east, and Taal Lake on the south is one great contributor to the tourism of the province. Of all the caldera towns, Talisay is the most direct access from Manila to the Volcano Island via Santa Rosa – Tagaytay. A slightly longer route, but equally good road condition, is via South Expressway – Tanauan.

Tourism has been considered by Talisay as their economic focus. The natural attributes of the town as well as the very limited availability of land for other economic ventures such as agriculture and other land based activities influence the focus of economic activity for the town. The advantage of tourism as a conceivable direction for the town lies in its natural beauty, engaging landform and favorable climate. Comparable developments have been proven that tourism thrives primarily because of varied activities and interesting culture with natural endowments serving as the initial lure.

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Because these elements are present in Talisay, it would be in a favorable position to explore its possibilities. It has recently reinvented itself into a resort town, making use of the outstanding view and access that they have to Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. The said lake and volcano is one of the major tourist destinations in the country that is why many investors have been interested to venture into operating resorts within the municipality of Talisay.

As the arrival of international and domestic tourists in the area grows, number of resorts in Talisay also increased. Rise of the tourists’ need for satisfaction and quality made competitions among these resorts become tighter. Because of the tourists’ preference in choosing a resort, many resorts raised their own standards and different themes have been made. Such actions and innovations must be clearly monitored as well as its impacts to the tourism industry of Talisay, Batangas. Sustainability of the resorts and its operations must also be given adequate attention. Problems rising from these operations must be significantly studied and essential research must be done to arrive at possible solutions and feasible recommendations.

Conceptual Framework

This study aimed to delve the tourism impacts of the resort operations in Talisay, Batangas. This was based on the data gathered from the resorts in Talisay as well as information congregated from the local government of the said municipality.

Figure 1
A schematic diagram showing the relationship of the research variables.

The paradigm shows the factors that must be thoroughly researched and studied
to achieve the understanding of tourism impacts of resort operations in Talisay, Batangas.

Statement of the Problem

The primary purpose of this study is to state the tourism impacts of resort operations in Talisay, Batangas.
Specifically, this research study will answer the following questions: 1.) What are the profile of the respondents in terms of:
1.1 years of residency
1.2 family income?
2.) What are the benefits of the community of Talisay from resort operations in terms of: 2.1 employment opportunities
2.2 infrastructure development
2.3 safety and security
2.4 recreation opportunities
2.5 environmental protection?
3.) What are the corporate social responsibilities of all resort owners to help sustain a healthy environment for the residents? 4.) Is there a significant difference on the benefits of the community of Talisay from resort operations when grouped according to their profile? Hypothesis

After conducting surveys, interviews and research, the proponents of the study realized that the resort operations in Talisay, Batangas do not have an impact on the tourism of the said municipality.

Scope and Limitation

The study is limited only to the population of Talisay, Batangas. The information that will be needed for the research will be acquired through the local government of the municipality and from the resorts that are operating in the area. The proponents will conduct an interview to the resort owners or operators as well as to the residents in the local community. The data that will be gathered through these sources will serve as the basis of this study.

The study covers the marketing, management, financial, social, economic and environmental aspects. The study will help the researchers respond accurately and appropriately in the burdens the resort owners should face in the future. It intends to provide information regarding the tourism impacts and how the resort operations will be sustained through time. It will also provide additional knowledge to the Talisay’s local government in developing the sustainable tourism in their locality.

Significance of the Study

This study was significant in understanding the tourism impact of resort operations in Talisay, Batangas. Furthermore, it will be beneficial to the following:

Academe; With the aid of results that can obtain in this study, different techniques and strategies can develop in understanding tourism impact of resort owners and its sustainability, particularly in Talisay, Batangas.

Resort owners; The results that will be taken in this study can provide resort owners information and assistance in case they are in the same line of industry.

Tourists; The contents of the study will give every tourist insights and knowledge about Talisay as tourist destination.

Local government; The accomplishment of the study will endow supplementary information that can contribute in the improvement of their locality.

Lastly, to Future researchers; This study will provide useful information that can be used as a basis to their would-be researches particularly those that will focus on topics related to sustainability of tourism industry.

Definition of Terms

For the meaningful interpretation of this research study, the following terms were defined operationally and conceptually with basis from authorized sources. Resort. It is one of the most leading establishments preferred by the emerging number of tourists in the Philippines for it offers a pleasant environment and ambiance that is conducive to comfort and healthful relaxation and rest. Tourism. This comprises the activities of persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than that one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes. Tourism Impact. It is the effect of tourist destinations, including resorts, to the community where tourism occurs.

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