A Resort with a difference

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This will be a resort that is customized for Christians though will be open to all as far as they maintain the culture of the place. Different services will be offered including foods and drinks, conference facilities, sports facilities, accommodation, entertainment and spiritual nourishment facilities for Christians.

Services will be offered in a serene environment and no alcoholic drinks or other unchristian behaviour will be allowed in the place. Spiritual nourishment facilities will include Christian literature, music and teaching sessions.

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The Resort will be unique in that besides offering essential services it will maintain an environment that will encourage socialization and at the same time provide spiritual nourishment. All facilities will be provided with great consideration on nurturing good morals and personal developments.

The Resort will be a substitute for the local pub or club only that services and facilities will all be geared not only on socialization and entertainment but both on spiritual and physical development. There are many people who would like to benefit from facilities offered in pubs, resorts and clubs but their moral values, faiths or public standing prevent them from going to such places due to the nature of provision of services in such places.

However, a Resort for Christians will be unique and will provide the modest environment that such people require; they will be able to watch football, popular TV programs or a movie in a place they are comfortable in and with the company of people they would prefer to be with. The churches and other Christian organisations have numerous meetings and visitors and will be easily lured into using this kind of resort because of the perception that it is a Christian place.

In the next five weeks the Resort will be in the incubation period. In this period we will be preparing a grand opening of the Resort. We will do in-depth publicity of the up-coming Resort and the grand opening event. Publicity will be done through print and electronic media, billboards and direct mail to prominent people.

In this period the Resort facilities will be prepared thoroughly and decorated in order to be  The incubation period will end with a grand opening of the Resort which will also mark the entry into the introduction stage. According to NetMBA Business Knowledge Center website (http://www.netmba.com/marketing/productlifecycle) “during the introduction stage, the primary goals is to establish a market and build primary demand for the product class.”

We would do this through intense publishing the resort by the grand opening and continued advertisement. We would invite prominent people in the society, especially those who have a reputation of modesty, to grace the occasion. We will then also adopt a penetration pricing strategy by offering favourable pricing for our products for the first month of our operation.

As the business grows we will continually evaluate the service provision systems in the facilities and ensure we offer quality services. This is because, as cited in NetMBA Business Knowledge Center website (http://www.netmba.com/marketing/productlifecycle), as a product moves through the different stages of its life cycle, it necessitates change of the marketing strategy thus calling for continuous evaluation and re-adjustment.

We will establish a modest and unique culture in order to ensure that our services are different from others. This product differentiation together with continued promotion will ensure that our services are preferred. We will also invest in technology so as to increase efficiency and effectiveness in provision of services.

We will maintain a well detailed website and establish links with travel agencies. We would evaluate our business continually and increase or reduce the services we offer and how are they are offered. This will be geared toward maintaining our services as different from those of our competitors and ensuring cost effectiveness. We would also keep on exploring new ways of promoting our services so as to maintain our market share and to compete effectively.


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