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This old place was a barrio in Lips during the colonial periods, but on the 16th of December 1918, the acting Governor General of the Philippines Hon... Charles B. Heater proclaimed LATA as a town. The town was named in honor of the late General Miguel Mammal, the last brave Filipino General to surrender to the Americans. The proclamation took effect on January 10, 1919, and on the same day the municipality was inaugurated. This admirable place has a stunning blue sky where birds like Maya fly, and different species of tropical trees where they live.

In the morning, fresh morning air will blow you away with a dazzling view of sunrise in the tout, while in the dawn, you'll see and hear the playing children with their cheerful laughter while the fulfilling sun is setting. Mammal also have amazing scenery, the Caledon Falls. This local attraction consists of two major falls and two smaller ones; these falls are attracting the adventurous eyes of the tourist visiting the place. Mammal is truly a wonderful paradise because of its scenery, atmosphere, people, and culture.

I The 2nd class municipality of Battings I Geographical Map of Mammal, Battings Strength Is it ironic that every city that the national highway is flowing through or the ways owing to NCR are rich and prosperous, like the cities of Battings, Lips, Tanana, Acclaim, Asian, Santa Rosa, and San Pablo? If you are wondering why, it's because these cities have an easier access to the National Capital Region (NCR). If you have an easier access to NCR, you're local government can easily invite and convince investors to build establishments in your towns.

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Since it's along the major highway, traveling people going to Metro Manila from distant provinces can easily see the establishments & stop by, so customer is not a major problem. In relation to this, he municipality of Mammal is located along the national highway going to Manila by chance. Thus, this is strength for the Municipality. This is a strength that other municipality doesn't have; today in Mammal, little by little, establishments are being built. The recent famous establishment built in Mammal is the 7/1 1 store located at the front of Battings State University.

If more and more establishments will be built, Soot of Mammal, Battings By Advertisement attracting investors, Maleness also have an easier access going to Manila, Maleness who work there can easily go to work. It's making the lives of the people living in Mammal easier, compared to people living in rural places, far from major roads; if you're going to buy something at SMS for example, you'll have to walk very far until you've reach a terminal then another ride, etc.. It's Just too hard for some of us, especially to Maleness who isn't use to these things.

In the Philippines today, there are still some places wherein there are no fixed roads, no power and water supply, no lamp posts, and doesn't have a complete set of government buildings. Fortunately, the municipality of Mammal has all of these, if not totally all, some of it. During the 18th century until the late sass's, the road in Mammal isn't yet concrete, but during the sass's until the ass's the road was fixed, transportation was easier than before going to Battings City and to Manila. It was also during the sass's when a water pipe supply was fixed, so that Maleness wouldn't find a hard time getting water from a well.

If the water supply and a fixed road took sometime before it was available in Mammal, power supply isn't. Mallard's power supply was already available since World War II during the sass's, providing the Maleness light during the night. The company running and facilitating the power supply before is DEDICATED from Tanana, Battings. Today, the Battings Electric Company (BATTLED) is the one running and facilitating the power supply not only in Mammal, but the whole province of Battings (except for Santos Tomato).

Like other cities and municipalities, Mammal have a set of government buildings to meet the demands of the people. Clinic or hospitals like SST. Nazarene Medical Clinic, Mammal Maternity ; Lying Clinic Clinic and Rural Health Clinic is saving the endangered lives of the ill Maleness, giving them the medical attention they need. Banks like Banks of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Metronome, Progressive Rural Bank, and Racial Commercial Banking Corporation (RCA) are securing the money of the Maleness from the thieves, and the money is getting bigger as time goes by.

The Municipal Hall of Mammal meets the demands of the people in many ways. First, people can complain their concerns to the mayor, vice mayor or to the councilors. Second, they can ask paper documents they may need in applying Jobs, building buildings, establishing business, etc. Also, the municipal hall has a Public Employment Service Office (PESO) for all unemployed Maleness out there looking for a Job. Finally, it provides Job to professional Maleness like being a municipal engineer, municipal accountant, municipal budget officer, etc.

Moreover, education is one of the most important steps in achieving your goals and dreams in life. In relation to this, the local government of Mammal wants all her people to be educated for him/her to be a successful individual, so the local government built affordable public schools for the citizens who can't afford to pay in a private school. Schools like Mammal National High School, Mammal Central School, San Pedro National High School, and LATA Norte Primary Schools are educating Maleness, so that one day he/she can contribute to the society.

Thereupon, these are all strengths because these things are helping the people and the economy of Mammal. Without all these things today in Mammal, people will live in an old fashioned way, unable to catch-up with the modern world today, being stagnant contributing to the income of Mammal which can be used to improve the municipality. The Mammal Central School, located in Publication, Mammal, Battings. Educating grades 1 to 6 in Mammal, Battings. The Mammal Maternity Clinic located inside the compound of the Municipal Hall in San Piquant, Mammal, Battings.

Mammal Maternity Clinic is accepting spontaneous deliveries. The clinic is open for 24 hours, which admits delivery services for the pregnant women of Mammal and immediate health services to any patient seeking immediate medical care at the clinic. The clinic also offers a proper newborn care for all babies being delivered at the center along with post natal care, including perinea repair. The Pres. J. P. Laurel Highway the major highway in Mammal, Battings, from Lips City, Battings to Santos Tomato, Battings. This national highway is connecting Mammal to

Battings, City and to Manila, and to the other parts of Luzon. Mammal wouldn't be the same today if that highway didn't exist. We can say that Mammal has a power supply, since there are working lamp posts shown in the picture, giving light to the motorist and people walking in the side walk during nighttime. 7/1 1, an international convenience store located along the highway in orgy. Publication, Mammal, Battings, in front of Battings State University. Weakness "If ever there's an ugly thing here in Mammal, it's our public market, for the prices there are unreasonably high!

It's better for me to buy in the Tanana Public Market" said by citizen of Mammal when I ask what is the ugliest things in our municipality. Mammal Public Market is located in Bray. Publication, Mammal, Battings. If you're from Tanana and you're riding to a Jeep going to Lips, you can have a chance to see or to visit the Public Market, if the Jeep you're riding on will take the long way going to the market in SST. B. Levities. The Public Market is Just a small market, but there are available meats, fishes, fruits, vegetables, herbs, Gilligan, clothes, school supplies, etc.

The Public Market was before a suburban, but later converted into a Public Market. This is a great advantage to the people in Mammal, since they don't have to go to Tanana or Lips Just to buy the things they need. However, many Maleness still prefer going to Tanana or Lips Public Market, Walters Tanana, SMS Lips, or The Robinsons in Lips, because the prices of goods in the market is very high. "One day I'm buying the ingredients that I need for our dinner and Vie found out that one pack of garlic in the market is PH 40. 00, but when I'm in Manila it's Just PH 10. 0! It's Just too expensive" said by a citizen of Mammal. Thus, the customers in Mammal Public Market aren't as many as the customers of Tanana and Lips Public Market. And made some actions to solve it. First, they made a campaign to the Maleness to buy from their own market, but still some Maleness prefer buying in a different market; who wants to unreasonably high prices of goods? Anyway, the second action that the local government had done is putting a big price board in the market, to serve as a guide to the customers against overpricing vendors.

Some were convinced, but still more Maleness still prefer other markets. The third one is changing the routes of the Jeepers going to Lips. Before, the Jeepers simply go straight to Lips, but now, it's taking the long way around. The Jeepers will take a turn and pass through the inner streets of Publication then turning and passing though the Public Market. The local government did this, so that the people riding in the Jeepers can see that there's a public market in Mammal where they can buy their needs.

Thus, the market will be alive and people will be flocking into the market from different places; but still, people prefer other markets. This is a one weakness in Mammal until today. The Mammal Public Market during midday, few or no customers at all. The Bantam Presto board in Mammal Public Market, by the local government of Mammal that serves as a guide to all Maleness buying food's in the market, this picture also shows us some high prices of foods, like the banana or garlic; in the Mammal Public Market, it's per kilo is PH 40. 0 - 70. 00 compared in Manila, only PH 10. 00. A Jeep going to Lips, passing through the compound of the market, a tactic of the local government for the market to flourish; since people riding in the Jeep are seeing that there's a local market there where they can buy food & other needs. Opportunity According to Hon... Carleton Rexes, the mayor of Mammal, the municipality is growing so fast. In fact, Mammal is included to sass's fastest urbanize municipalities in the country, which is a good opportunity for all Maleness.

According to the 2007 census, Mammal has a total population of 41 ,730 with a total number of 8,678 households; comparing to the 2000 census, the population and the number of households really grew. More establishments are also built in the municipality. In the year 2010, the number of registered businesses in Mammal is 333, but on the year 011, the number of registered business is 495; from this, we can really say that Mammal is growing really fast. Companies like "Meteorite", a horse racing company, have established its own branch in the municipality.

Aside from this company, there are more companies that were already built before like COD, Little Fuse, Yashmak, Epsom, etc. These companies are giving Jobs to unemployed Maleness. Thus, there will be a fewer number of crimes, because most of the people has a Job where they can get their money for their everyday living, instead of committing crimes for them to have money. There will be also a lesser number of tambala or adults whose idle everyday doing nothing. These establishments or companies don't only benefits the citizens, but also the economy of the municipality.

The income class of Mammal is PH that Naval is a 4th class municipality. These establishments are paying taxes to the local government, so if more establishments and factories will be built here in Mammal, the government will receive more taxes that can eventually make us a 1st class municipality with an income class of PH Though Mammal have schools, and people have money to sustain the things they need, here are still some people who failed to finish their studies because of some financial or personal issues. Thus, they can't have a Job, for they didn't meet the required experience in education.

A signboard showing the way to Metro Racetrack in Mammal, Battings, a proof that investments are coming in Mammal. Another signboard showing the way to Meteorite Racetrack in Mammal, Battings, and this signboard is located at Mammal Exit COLLABORATION, so motorist going to Mammal via COLLABORATION can see and know that there's this racetrack in the municipality. This is a slide from Hon... Carleton Eyre's Powering presentation in "State of the Nation", showing the number of registered business establishments in Mammal, Battings during the years 2010 and 2011. The Sabbatical as Hanukah program in Mammal, Battings.

This is the batch of Meat Processing, with 20 participants held last June 20-26, 2011 led by Mrs... Irma Panamanian; in this picture, they're with the Mayor. Threat In the past decades, there are countless typhoons that passed through the province of Battings, and affecting the municipality of Mammal. The recent one is Typhoon Feel (Cot. 22, 2012), but no major damages was reported. But on the 3rd of November, 1995, Super Typhoon Rising wreaked the whole municipality, not only the municipality but the whole Bucolic region, Region IV A & B, Region 5, and NCR.

Signal #4 was raised to the province, with winds up to kappa+, uprooting trees instantly, destroying glass windows, knocking BATTLED posts, twisting flag poles and other metals standing, destroying roofs, damaging crops like corn and other infrastructures. One of the resident of Mammal said, "the wind was so strong that we hang onto the foundations of our roof, so that the roof wouldn't be blown away by the powerful wind", another witness of the eye said, "It was eerie, the moon and some stars went out during the calm moment with continuous flashing of lightning somewhere along the area surrounding the eye".

It was a full 60 hours of winds greater than kappa, the darkest hours of Mammal. Another storm was Riming (2006), with the winds of kappa! That wind can totally blow away a house! "The super storm will hit in Battings & Indoor Provinces at 8:pm - 1 1 pm", PAGES announced that night, and after that announcement, the power supply went out and winds started to blow. Miraculously, no serious damage was reported with zero casualties, a true miracle from God. Besides from these storms to affect Mammal, there are more from 1998 to 2012 like Lining (1998 - kappa - Signal #3), Renting (1999 - kept -

According to PAGES, there are more storms to mom, and there's a possibility that a super storm will make a direct hit in Mammal, stronger than the storms mentioned above. Hence, this is a big treat to all Maleness; not only to Maleness, but to all the people living in Region IV-A and to the nearby regions. If ever a super typhoon will hit the municipality with winds up to kappa+, the storm will surely leave a mark no matter how strong your house is, whether it is big or small. These storms can change the Maleness' way of living. One storm can bring down a home of a family, making them homeless.

One storm an also make a business go bankrupt, because its store building can be damaged, goods or things being sold may be washed away by the storm, or there may be no customers left due to the storm. This treat cannot be prevented by anyone, but the impact or damage can be lessened if all Maleness knows what to do during one, and if the biodiversity if Mammal will be stable. This picture shows the path of Typhoon Riming (Intel name: Durian) during the 2006 typhoon season. This picture shows the path of Typhoon Riming (Intel name: Durian) during the 2006 typhoon season. From the Pacific ocean to southeast tip of Viral

Point, Standalone; Tobacco and Twit in Albany; Mat. Riga, Riga City, Boa, Bulb and Pascal in Canaries Sure; (Bond Peninsula) Pug's Opt. , San Narcosis and Unmanly, Guenon; Sat. Cruz and Boca, Martinique; Callahan City, Back and San Terror, Oriental Indoor; Binaries Point between Plan and Umbra, Occidental Indoor then exiting through the West Philippines Sea and making another landfall at Indochina region. This picture shows the tracks of all the typhoons formed during the 2006 Pacific Typhoon season. We can see that there are plenty of storms making landfalls in the

Philippines, and some of them are going straight to Southern Toga, which may affect the municipality of Mammal. The GSM-6 satellite image of Typhoon Riming (Durian) near peak intensity on November 29, 2006, making its way to the Bucolic provinces and Southern Toga, a true nature's fury. The scenario during Typhoon Million in Battings; it's heavy rain brought flood to some places in the province and the strong winds uprooted some trees, broke some huge branches, and knocked down some BATTLED posts. Youth Leadership today. Even though these youngsters are still young, they're already acting like an adult.

Some of them prefer to be alone, or without their parent's total care. Aside from this, they're also too updated in media; when a gadget was released, they will eventually know it and ask their parents to buy one for them. Not only gadgets but also in music industry, showbiz, computers, social networks, etc. They are also too stressed; youths today are also worrying too much to their parents' problem. Finally, despite of all the problems we're all encountering, we're still hoping that one day, we can change the world. I can be a youth leader by simply being a good role model for all of them.

Today, I hind some of the youths in Mammal are going onto the wrong way instead to the right way, and I think I can make a change by being a good role model. I can be one by doing all the right things instead of the bad things, studying hard, caring for the environment, having good attitude, and praying to God. If my other friends or youths will see me this way, I can inspire them be like me, and if they did all the good things mentioned above, they can also inspire other teens; it's like a geometric sequence in Mathematics. Like what Michael Jackson and Arians Grandee said: (Studded didn't include the pictures, I'm sorry)

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