The Role of Project Leader

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A project leader plays a vital role in the success or failure of new initiatives or plans. Nowadays, every organization is going green to contribute in the sustainable development of the environment. Go green initiative is aimed to improve the sustainability of the environment. Riordan Manufacturing is planning to develop a green project. Staffing decisions form a great part for any project. Project leader is responsible for managing the staffing related practices. Project leader decides the number of team members required to accomplish the goals of the project. A project is a set of various activities that are interrelated to each other.

Staffing decisions play an important role in the success or failure of any project. A project leader is vested with various responsibilities and roles that are critical for the attainment of project goals. Project leader decides the hiring of suitable personnel. In the staffing decisions, it is the responsibility of project leader to first analyze the required level of skills, competency, knowledge and proficiency of individuals. As in the go green project that is developed for Riordan Manufacturing, it is the responsibility of project leader to manage the staffing related practices.

Project leader of go green initiatives should analyze the personnel needs of the project. After analyzing the personnel needs, project leader is required to make decisions regarding whom to hire. Staffing needs are determined by the project leader. A proper staff is essential for any project, as without adequate staff, it is not possible to perform difference project related activities in time. Project leader is responsible for the selection of particular individual as a team member (Heerkens, 2001). It is also vested with a project leader to determine the personnel allocation to particular project activity.

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Go green project is also an important project for the company. It is the responsibility of project leader to decide the particular number of personnel needed to carry out the project related activities. A project leader is responsible to determine staffing activities like recruitment, selection, promotion and lay off. Project leader decide the methods that can be used to recruit the new personnel (Bratton & Gold, 2001). Project leader performs a profound role in determining the tactics and tools that are used to hire new personnel for the project.

A project is consists of various activities like communication plan, budget formulation, risk management plan, scheduling, work breakdown structure etc. All these project activities play an important role in attaining the stated project objectives. It is the duty of a project leader to recruit and select suitable and skilled personnel in order to attain the project activities in an effective manner. Project leader is responsible for filling the gap existed between the present number of personnel and required number of personnel. Project leader of new green team developed for go green initiative should hire appropriate personnel to get the work done.

Lack of required number of personnel may challenge the timely completion of the project. A project leader decides assess the personnel recruited for the project. Assessment is performed on the basis of required skills needed for the successful completion of difference project activities (Bratton & Gold, 2001). Preliminary tests and assessments are conducted by the project leader to make selection related decisions. Project leaders play a vital role in aligning the staffing activities for a project. Project is based on the project members who perform diverse activities to attain the short term and long term objectives of a project.

Project leaders select only those people who are quite competent and promising in terms of completing project activities effectively. It is also observed that projects are exposed to risk, so personnel recruited for the projects must be well equipped with the project related risks and challenges (Heerkens, 2001). It is the duty of a project leader to decide which areas are to be covered in the selection process. Selection process is crucially followed by the project leader. Project leader decide technical, operational and management skills of individuals to select them through the assessment practices.

Project leader hires different personnel to accomplish the project related activities in time. It is also identified that project leader assess the requirements of the project. After analyzing the project needs, project leader decides about the particular number of personnel. It is true that a project is break down into different activities that are covered in the work breakdown structure (Bratton & Gold, 2001). Work breakdown structure of a project follows different stages like project charter, planning, project plan, project team, milestones, deliverables, execution etc that need suitable personnel to accomplish the activities.

Project leader allocate the personnel to the determined activity of the work breakdown structure. Project leader follow a systematic procedure to select personnel for the project activities. It reflects the importance of a project leader in attaining the stated project goals. A project leader assesses different departments like technical, human resource, financial, operational, accounting and production. All these departments have their own importance in the overall success or failure of a project. Likewise, go green project of Riordan that is aimed to enhance environmental sustainability also needs a perfect match of personnel.

Only the project leader of this green initiative can perform a variety of tasks in an effective manner by developing credible staffing decisions. It is analyzed that project leaders also formulate decisions regarding the addition or deletion of staff in between the project activities (Heerkens, 2001). Sometimes, it is often seen that a project needs additional staff due to contingent situations. So, to handle such kinds of situations effectively without disturbing the flow of the project, project leaders immediately hire new personnel.

New personnel are recruited from internal sources like employee referrals, transfer, promotions etc. All these sources are effectively used by the project leaders to address the challenges. In the same manner, it is also observed that a project sometimes overwhelmed with personnel. So, to address these problems, project leaders remove some personnel according to the requirement of deletion. Project leader communicates and discusses about the conditions in meetings with the personnel before deleting them from the project.

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