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Since my childhood I am self motivated and committed to my work, due to my family background. My grandfather taught me a lot about discipline. I learned work ethics from my father in the first place through his attitude with colleagues at work and at home with the members of the family. My education in engineering provided important technical knowledge, which ought to be entwined with the aforesaid principles. My software experience enhanced my skills in system analysis and bug fixing. I am a quick learner and a practical problem solver.

I am good at leveraging my past experience into new technologies. I proved my commitment and project management skills by meeting the project deadlines at Countrywide Home loans. Management at Countrywide awarded me with Star Search Award, which portrays my adaptability and result oriented nature. Traditionally theorists stated that good leaders or not made but born (Lussier N. R. , 2006, p460). However, nowadays it is believed that leadership skills can be learned (Orlitzky M. et al 2003, p128-138). The following experiences also prove my leadership skills.

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After successful completion of my tertiary education in Computer Science and Engineering, I was offered a job in “FJ Benjamin & Holdings,” Singapore in December 1995 after rigorous initial screening. At that time I was a team member of a group that was involved in developing an application for in house use. During its development phase many people left the company seeking better opportunities elsewhere. This led the director in charge of the project to think that the wrong decision was taken since the upper management initially was inclined to purchase the project rather than developing it in house.

It was on the insistence of this Director that the company agreed to develop the application in house. Thus it was up to the Director to complete the work on time. I then took the matter at hand and commenced contacting my friends and others to join our group, in order to attain the objectives set. I induced some of my friends to join in the organization and thus helped in the continuance of the project at hand. Ultimately, we were successful in developing and implementing the project.

Even though the project took more time than expected due to the adversaries faced, management was content that the project was completed with in the budget set. I was recognized and rewarded for my initiative and coordination of the staff accordingly. References: Lussier N. R. (2006). Management Fundamentals. Third Edition. United States of America: Thomson South-Western. Orlitzky M. ; Benjamin J. (2003). The effects of sea composition on small-group performance in a business school case competition, Academy of Management Learning, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp 128-138.

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