The Role Of Primary Care In Obesity Management

Last Updated: 16 Feb 2023
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My selective topic is about the role of primary care in obesity management. Obesity is a complicated health predicament to resolve at it is a multidimensional, chronic condition that is caused by ecological, social psychological, hereditary, and metabolic factors. The first study that I chose is about modifying public policies to combat obesity. According to the healthy people 2020, the nutritional and overweight management has the most significant impact on the overall of Americans because it promotes a healthy weight and food consumption.

Body mass index (BMI) from National Health and Nutrition Examination survey 2007-2008 revealed that 68.3% adults age 20 and older had BMI 25. Of the 68.35, an additional 33.9% had BMI 30, costing a massive $600 billion health care. As obesity is an expanding problem, the theory of planned behavior (TPB) is recommended to inform HCPs ( Health Care Providers) of the process of policy change, taking notice of the impact of the media has on perceptions, to work with policymakers regarding the effect of current agricultural policies on health outcomes. President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Act in 2010, and this gave more Americans, irrespective of preexisting conditions such as obesity or DM access to health care.

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The nursing workforce accounts for the most substantial part of the health care system compared to physicians and physician assistants. Policy changes such as taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages affect food prices and consumption indirectly. It is well known that high-fat, low-value food produced in greater quantitates, and larger portion sizes are sold at lower prices. Private and public insurance plans have hindered the treatment of obesity. The ACA and AMA are labeling obesity as a disease which would make Medicare and Medicaid a source for more funding (Bowen et al.,2014).

Perkins et al. (2016), this second study that I chose is about implementing the evidence-based guidelines for overweight/obesity adults. Evidence-based medicine such as the practical guide to the identification, evaluation, and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults by the National Institute of Health (NIH), need to be utilized to direct the management of overweight and obesity in adults. The medical professionals often refer of lack sufficient time and or inadequate skills in counseling about weight-loss and often having a perception that counseling would be ineffective which could undoubtedly be barriers for implementation of evidence-based guidelines.

As obesity is ever increasing the problem, the HCPs and policymakers should strive to achieve better results from our health care system, utilizing better strategies and policies needed to be implemented to make sure current health care system becomes more useful for everyone. Many nurses are members of professional organizations that function as lobbyists or legislative committees which monitor health policies. The role of primary care providers is to advocate and safeguard the welfare and accurate perceptions of the patients and the community.

They should utilize evidence-based guidelines, such as the practical guide to the identification, evaluation, and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults by the NIH. The DNP nurse is situated in a unique position being politically active in planning policy to influence the legislation amidst different political lobbies with different agendas. A DNP must be assertive, and persistent to be included in the decisions making process. The DNP can accomplish this by contacting and communicating with the elected officials using the training and expertise in testifying in court and help in changing laws.

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