The Real CSR

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The Real CSR

Coles is one of the companies in the world that is known for its strong campaign for corporate social responsibilities. It has a lot of programs which aim to benefit its people and its community. Also, it tries to go away from companies’ traditional purposes of committing themselves in this activity such as enhancing stakeholder relations and credibility, increasing access to capital, and protecting brand image (Reasearch and Markets).  It goes beyond the stereotyped social responsibility of only focusing on the community. In fact, it also focuses on corporate governance, workplace and its people, and most especially the environment (Coles, 2005).

            In focusing on corporate governance, Coles always has the highest aim of being the best that is why it created a Board of sub-committee to supervise every project that it has. These committees implement the company’s social responsibility in the fastest way.

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In developing the workplace and its people, it improves the diversity of workforce and supports each team member. It is open to the suggestions of every employee that it has. More variations of opinions and skills are needed.

When it comes to its relation to its community, it has already contributed a lot through its community strategies and partnerships (Coles, 2005). As a matter of fact, Coles already helped generate more than $5 million for different charities and nonprofit organizations across Australia (Coles).

Most especially, it has done a lot when it comes to the preservation of the environment. This has been the main focus of Coles and most of the projects under this serve as the pioneer in projects that care for the environment. It has environment strategic plans that limit people’s impact on the environment (Coles, 2005).


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