Competitors of CSR, ISO course in Hong Kong

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Life cycle thinking for green and socially responsible products and services 10. Managing CARS along supply chains 11. Human Rights and Business 12. Fair operating practices governance and intellectual property 13. Consumer issues and sustainable consumption 14. IS026000 implementation 15. Socially responsible investment and course conclusion HOOK Baptist University 1 . 2 weeks before course commencement 2. SEC and EGGS 3. 75% attendance 1 . Environmental Management System Principles and Good Management Practice; 2. ISO 14001 :2004 Requirements and Standard Interpretation: 3.

Improvement from the Previous ISO 14001 :1996 Standards: 4. Development and Structure of ISO 14000 Series; and 5. Transition Period for Certification. EGGS Group ISO 26000 - social Responsibility $5,000 (22 Hours) *Award of certificate Recognize and explain the benefits of adopting ISO 26000 Identify and prioritize core issues of social responsibility Identify and engage with Use existing systems to ensure core issues and principles are addressed Identify gaps in expertise and internal training requirements Set appropriate improvement targets Productivity Training Institute

CARS Workshop : Discuss the New Situation of CARS in Modern Business (7 Hours) *Have CARS auditing service for 1 hour Section 1 : Planning Introduction of new CARS standard? ISO 26000 Steps in managing CARS?Planning, Implementation, Reporting Stakeholder engagement ? understanding and integrating stakeholders need CARS planning matrix Section 2: Cases in CARS activities Environmental Protection - Waste / Energy Reduction, Education Employee Care - Work-life balance, corporate culture building and bonding Finding the niche in community support, e. G. MONGO, Social Enterprise Consumer Protection -

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Advertisement, Products/Service Description, Customer Complaint Handling Section 3: Implementation and Reporting Organizational Governance Monopolizing company-wide CARS involvement CARS reporting and communication HOOKAH An in-defenestrating of international standards (ISO 26000) -What Does Social Responsibility Mean to Your Organization? -To provide an in-depth understanding of international standards (ISO 26000) in implementing social responsibility -To introduce latest management standard with regard to social responsibility Organization Governance Environment Performance

Fair Operating Practices Consumer issues Community Involvement and Development The Relationship of an Organization's Characteristics to Social Responsibility Understanding the Social Responsibility of an Organization for Integrating Social Responsibility Throughout an Organization Communication on Social Responsibility Enhancing Credibility Regarding Social Responsibility Practices Reviewing and Improving an Organization's Actions and Practices Related to Social Responsibility ISO 14000 courses S?S Group ISO 14001 :2004 - Environmental Management Systems

Carbon Matters courses Carbon matters and auditing leading scheme - Green Data Centre and Cloud Security Seminar Free seminar for 3 Hours Supporting corporate to have carbon auditing Security and standard of green data How to reduce cost and carbon emission through using green data Observation and edition of carbon emission and effectiveness of green data centre Electronic engineering system management Executive Diploma in Low Carbon Management and Sustainability Reporting Module 1 Low Carbon Management Fundamentals Module 2 Energy Management for Green Environment Module 3 Carbon Management for Green Environment Module 4 Corporate Sustainability Reporting Indoor air quality courses Occupational Safety & Health Council Indoor Air Quality in Workplaces 3. 5 Hours (Full attendance and pass in the final exam) Related legislation Health effects of air contaminants Occupational hygiene monitoring Preventive and control measures The use of occupational hygiene standards HUSK Space Workshop on Indoor Air Quality (IAC)-Field Sampling of Microbiological Parameters -The course consists of 2 half-day workshops with lecture and practical sessions *attendees will have satisfied requirement for being a Hong Kong Inspection Body Accreditation Scheme (HAS) The course consists of 2 half-day workshops with lecture and practical sessions.

Topics for lecture include: Introductory Microbiology for indoor air Decontamination and disinfection Indicator micro-organisms and their significance Methods of sampling (indicator and pathogenic micro-organisms) Equipment and materials used in field sampling Pro's and con's of different sampling methods and devices transport considerations of samples. Topics for practical sessions: Basic microbiological techniques-aseptic procedures, disinfection, and proper disposal of microbiological waste. Indoor air sampling-sampling techniques, use and maintenance of sampling devices. Reading of results-total bacterial counts and total fungal count, interpretation.

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